The Cat is Out of the Bag!

Well, the cat is out of the bag! I have finally announced to all of you dear friends that I started this blog. Now from here I guess all there's left to do is see where it might go and hope for success!

So tonight I had originally planned on going to a New Years Eve party with three of my main chicas but unfortunately two of them were feeling under the weather and the third had to go into work. So what does one do when plans fall through? Go to a Jazz game instead! My dad came home with two killer tickets to the Jazz vs Clippers game. SIXTH ROW. Pretty incredible right?! Anyway, my little broski, Nery, had never been to a basketball game before. I know, pretty strange considering he's 15 right? But in the Gonzalez clan, soccer is more of our thing. Anyway, the clear choice to be my date for the evening was my little homie G. We went, and had a blast! We were so impressed and excited by how close our seats were! It was kind of a bummer that the Jazz ended up loosing but it was an intense and fun game nonetheless.

{Sweater//knit hat: F21, Scarf: gift from a best friend, Leggings: Ross, Boots: Tilly's}

When your plans change on the fly, how do you switch from a party look to a casual look? Simple, put on a comfy sweater, scarf, knitted hat, and voila! Recipe for success, you've got yourself a quick but cute basketball outfit! I apologize for the quality of the photos, but it was already dark out and we were running late.

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