{White tank//tights//pearl hair band: F21, Boots: Rue21, Blazer: Banana Repbulic}

Hello friends! As you all know, the weather as of late has been FREEZING! So you all must be wondering why in the heck I decided to wear a skirt in 12 degree weather. Well, the answer is simple. One: I'm crazy, two: I will forsake wearing pants whenever I can no matter the weather, and three: skirts are comfy. I mean, I'm all for feminism but who says you can't be a strong woman in a skirt? In the words of the great Zooey Deschanel, "Why can't I be a F-ing feminist and wear an F-ing dress if I F-ing want to". Oh, and don't fret I didn't actually get very cold because, excepting when these photos were taken, whenever I was outside I had on a big coat and scarf.

Now for a few words on the outfit! I was feeling like I wanted to bring out my inner prep. Not that my inner prep is that hard to find. After all, all through high school I was an extremely nerdy abercrombie wearing prep. After high school, my style evolved back into the creative weirdness that it was when I was a kid. It's a style my family likes to call 'hobo bag lady'. Anyway, to put together my preppy look I decided to go with a royal blue color scheme infused with a few neutral pieces like my boots and tights. Oh and quick side note on the boots, I bought them for a total of $36 a few months ago! I was pretty excited about them because I had been eyeing a pair, that looked no joke identical to these, at a small boutique. The ones at the boutique cost $80, so when I found these for half the price I was thrilled!

Happy Monday! (Ha, as if happy Mondays exist!)

Oh, I almost forgot! Here are a few outtakes that inspired the name of the post.

The reason I'm basically crying is because of my ornithophobia. Which basically means I'm abnormally and irrationally afraid of birds. If I'm ever in the proximity of birds I tense up and feel the urge to run away screaming. I swear the sound of wings flapping is the most terrifying sound on this earth! Oh and don't even get me started on those beady little eyes, nasty little feathers that are basically needles jabbed into their flesh, and their freaky wings and claws. The other day when my sister and I came home we noticed a LARGE pile of bird guts, blood, and feathers right in front of our garage door. I, of course, freaked out and started crying. Anyway, I had completely forgotten about the bird remains because there wasn't as much anymore so my sister and I started taking the pictures. Then, my puppy came scampering over to sniff around my feet. I picked him up to give him a quick hug and when I looked at his face I noticed that his mouth was buried in bird feathers! As the pictures show, I proceeded to freak out. All I have to say is that my puppy is lucky I didn't drop him. If you look closely you can see some of the feathers near my feet.


  1. you look adorable! i remember reading this post on my phone while eating lunch the other day and couldn't believe you are scared of birds! i love birds!!! i actually have two adorable cockatiels and i'm sure they would change your mind (; haha my biggest fear are rodents!!

    1. I used to be a HUGE bird fan myself! I couldn't get enough of them, but then a couple of years ago I had a bad experience with a bird when I was out on a run and I haven't been able to see them the same way since. I had actually started to get a little calmer about it too when I had yet another bad encounter with a bird on another run. You should post a picture of your birds sometime, though, I'm sure I would love them! I'm a little less afraid of smaller domesticated birds. :)