Does the girl ever wear pants?

{dress//shoes: H&M,sweater: Hollister,pearl hairband-worn as bracelet: F21} 
Hi all! It is now officially February, the month of love! It seems to me that the majority of the world either hates or loves Valentine's day. If you ask me, though, I'd say Valentine's day is neither here nor there. It's not my favorite holiday, that would be Christmas of course, but it's not my least favorite either by any means. It's just a day when everyone remembers to say I love you to the important people in their lives, or feels unnecessary pressure to fall in love on that SPECIFIC day. Why not remember to say I love you everyday, or relax about being single and let love come at its own pace? Although this Valentines day I will be in class for the majority of the day and will actually be taking a midterm exam to boot, (I know, vomit right? -Insert sarcasm- what screams love more than midterm exams?!) I will try to make a conscious effort to let all of the amazing friends and family in my life know just how much I love and appreciate them!

Anyway, in honor of it being the month of love I decided to wear this heart patterned dress I got at H&M. Also in honor of the month of love, I decided to show a little love to my hair and give it a break from the heat of styling it, which is why I resemble Merida from the Disney movie Brave. To help my hair look a little more put together and a little less wild I tied the ribbon from my dress around it as a hairband. It's been warming up around these parts, so much so that last weekend we reached 43 degrees! How awesome is that? It's still not warm enough to just wear this dress on its own, though, so I decided to layer this chunky knit sweater from Hollister on top of it. Oh, and I realized that in all but one of my posts I'm wearing either a skirt or a dress, which begs the question do I ever wear pants? The answer to that is yes, yes, I do. I wear jeans or some form of pants about 5 days a week. It's just that whenever I have a chance to wear something that isn't my work uniform or the fitness clothes I spend a lot of time in since I run to school or at school in between classes, I decide that what I would like to wear the most is a skirt or a dress. Plus, I seriously have bought like one pair of jeans since I was fifteen. I know, I know, kind of shocking right? I just haven't needed to though, I mean it's not like I grew past my saddening height of 5'3 since then. That just means, though, that most of my jeans, while being perfectly broken in and cozy, aren't going to be winning any prizes in the style department.

Happy month of love!

P.S. I just love these little shoes, so comfy cozy!

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