Happy Belated Birthday & the Best Thai Food EVER

{Way back when I myself was sixteen. Look at my little guy, wasn't he the cutest?!}
My baby brothers birthday was earlier this week. The little man turned sixteen! It's crazy to think he's gotten so big, especially when it feels like I was just sixteen myself! I know, I know, sixteen was YEARS ago for me but...well, no, it wasn't YEARS ago, it was five years to be exact. That's not THAT long ago is it? Is it? I'm so old. Ha, well, in retrospect I know 20 almost 21 isn't old at all but for the girl who would have been happy to stay five years old, in Winnie the Pooh shoes no less and singing about everything that happened to me, 21 might as well be 80. Anyway, back to my little brother. He is just the greatest kid around. He'll always take out my bathroom trash for me, no begging necessary might I add (and if you read this baby boy, my trash can is full, hint, hint), asks for random hugs every now and again, never fails to tell me if my hair looks good in the back, and always gets adorably annoyed when he notices strangers checking me out. We've always had a strong connection with each other since the day he came home from the hospital. I was always eager to take care of him when my mom was in the shower. I remember rubbing his tiny baby belly and singing songs to him till he fell asleep. When he was first learning to talk I was the only one who understood the gibberish he spoke. Even though he's now a grumpy and sometimes aloof teenager he's still the best baby brother a girl could ask for. And hey, I know I was no walk in the park as a teenager either.

Now onto the food part of this weeks Food & Fitness Fridays post! For the little guys birthday we went to a  Thai restaurant called Sawadee that my family has been RAVING about for the longest time. I had never been because I'm the pickiest person alive and thought there would be nothing at a Thai restaurant that would suit my tastes. I was SO wrong. I went, and I am now in love with that place. It's got the cutest decorations ever, and has just THE coolest vibes. Not to mention, the service is incredible! I had a tofu and vegetable dish. I know, I know, I'm always preaching about how awful tofu is for you because its chock full the poison we all call soy, but cookies aren't great for you either and we all have them now and again anyway right? So I caved and indulged in a little poison...and it was delicious...obviously. That which is no good for our systems is usually that which is delicious. Why must you be so cruel world? WHY, WHY? Anyway, whenever you're in downtown Salt Lake go check it out!! You get two dishes, a spring roll, and rice for $8.25! Jeez, you'd think I own the place the way I'm pushing you all to go there but seriously them Thai peeps were just so dang nice, you'd be a fool not to go! Here are some pics of all of our dishes! I'd tell you what they all are but I have no clue what my family ordered.  
This one is my lovely non-meat eater friendly dish!

Our waitress brought out these fried bananas and ice cream, on the house! So delicious!

P.S. Sorry the pictures are all crooked and such, don't really know what happened. Oh, well! 

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