Just a Smattering of Summer Pinspiration

Can I just say that I am DYING for summer?!? I'm dying to feel the warmth of the summer sun kissing my
cheeks, the excitement that comes from being out of school bumming around, the feel of cool ripe watermelon juice going down my throat as I dig into hundreds of watermelons throughout the season, the energetic buzz I get from the longer days, and most of all I'm dying to get back up to Corner Canyon! Ever since I started running about 3 years ago, I've spent a large chunk of my summers up in this part of the mountain running with my mom.

Isn't it just beautiful? These pictures hardly do it justice!! It's such a relaxing place, and whenever I'm up there I can see so clearly the hand of God in all of splendor around me. It's a tough run on the way up the mountain but its so worth it because the higher you get the prettier the view! Plus, coming back down is such a thrill. Moving down the mountain feels like riding a roller coaster! The downhill carries you so fast you barely feel your feet touch the ground and at times it almost feels as if you're flying! Oh and can I just mention how amazing my mom is real quick? That's her in the last photo, and I mean look at her! You'd never be able to tell that the tiny little bum in that picture belongs to a 46 year old woman! Oh and can I just also mention that this 46 year old woman also happens to kick my trash on EVERY run! That's how she was able to snap the two middle photo's of me, she's in front of me 100% of the time! She's incredible, she's my inspiration!

Now, onto the Pinterest photos seen above! Seeing these fun summer fashion photos on Pinterest is what got me hungering so badly for summer in the first place. Those flats? So gorgeous! And those sunglasses, and hat? Yeah, um, to die for! At the top of my summer fashion shopping list this year are two things. First, a pair of dark wash flared jeans like these because I plan on naming this summer "The Summer of my Inner Hippie". Second, a good pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans like these or these. Unfortunately right now I don't have enough spending money to get either of them, but I figure if I don't have any sort of fun for the next couple of paychecks I'll be able to get 'em. ;) Not that they're even pricey at all, but hey, this working girls gotta pay tuition. You guys should totally go for it, though, and buy them for yourselves! You know what else we should all get ourselves for summer? These sunglasses, so cute and similar enough to the ones in the Pinterest photo. Hats, hats, hats. This one and this one are cute. Maxi skirts!! This patterned one is fab, and this one from target looks so cozy. Floral hair pieces all the way! I've already got quite a few that I'm in love with but if you guys need to stock up, this one and this one should do the trick. Denim jackets/vests, in all different kinds of cuts. I've got three that I simply adore. Here is a basic one, here is one similar to a sleeveless one I own, and here is a vest that is almost identical to one of mine that is my all time favorite! You know what else we need? Dresses! A boho one like this is at the top of my list. Also, just bright fun patterned ones like this one, and this one would be fun! Ok, I know these pants seem a little odd but I really want to try them out! They look super cozy, and they fit in perfectly with my "Summer of my Inner Hippie" theme. Oh, and last of all, I plan on living in fun slouchy band tees, because one of my favorite summer activities? Concerts, CONCERTS, CONCERTS! If I can save up enough cash I want to go to Coachella this summer! The band line up this year looks incredible!

Much love!

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