21 Part 1

Weeeeelllll, my birthday came and went and may I say it was completely fabulous!! I decided to split the birthday post into two posts rather than one because 21 is just such a big birthday that it deserves it! I started the birthday celebrations a little early by going out last Friday with a group of girlfriends for a night of ultimate fun: laser tag and Chili's! ;) I had never actually been laser tagging which is part of the reason I even wanted to go in the first place. The other part being that one of my favorite TV characters, Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, is obsessed with laser tag and he always makes it seem so fun. I mean, watch this.

Doesn't that just seem ridiculously fun?! Anyway, real life laser tag wasn't actually anything like that. At all. We ended up playing with a group of ruthless men. Needless to say we got creamed. I mean, we gave it our best effort but we stood no chance. In our defense, we did get a good number of shots in and two of the ladies in our group made into the top 24 score wise. Anyway, we followed up our game of laser tag with a stop at Chili's in which we ate entirely too many fries and topped it all off with an oooey gooey birthday brownie covered in creamy vanilla ice cream. Yuuuuummm. Can you say food coma? Oh and of course when you eat too many fries and brownie that late at night crazy faces, laughter, and British/Spanish accents are bound to ensue.

And of course, when you don't drink what better way to celebrate 21 than with a mango iced tea?
Much love!

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