21 Part 2

Alright, so it's time for part two of my birthday celebrations! I know it's been a few days but birthday weeks are crazy...who knew? Anyway, the birthday celebrations started off with a tradition. In our home whenever there's a birthday we serenade the birthday person in the early hours of the morning with, "Las Ma├▒anitas". Maybe it's a little cheesy but nothing makes a person feel more special than being serenaded awake, at least in my opinion. I'm probably my family's least favorite person to serenade, though, because I'm such an early riser so they have to wake up super early to sing to me before I wake up. Anyway, once I was up, they had a birthday present waiting for me to open. Boy, was I surprised when I pulled out a LuLu Lemon jacket out of the birthday bag! LuLu Lemon, is this totally awesome fitness wear brand that has the  cutest things that are ridiculously pricey. Even though I love their stuff I've never been able to buy any of it which is why my parents birthday present to me was so perfect! Of course after serenading me most of my family headed back off to their rooms for some more rest. I, on the other hand, hit the gym in my new stylin' jacket! The birthday celebrations continued with a special birthday breakfast, and then later a delicious lunch at Sawadee! Remember when I mentioned Sawadee in this post? I never thought I'd love Thai food this much but I'm seriously smitten with this place. I was so spoiled this year. In addition to the jacket I got first thing in the morning I also got a few more gifts while we were eating lunch at the restaurant. My favorite of which being this awesome tile that my older sister bought me. 

My family and I wrapped up the birthday celebrations later in the evening with birthday cake. I got a white cake with a raspberry filling and a layer of marzipan on top. I ADORE marzipan! It's seriously the most delicious thing to ever be created! Oh and my cake, looked so adorable. My sisters ordered it for me and had the decorator write one of our inside joke's on it for me. 

See isn't just so cute?! Oh, and a quick explanation on the fish kid part. Ever since I started this blog my dad has taken to calling me 'the fish kid'. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why he kept calling me 'the fish kid'. I mean, I thought it was cute albeit a little random. When I finally asked him why, he responded with, "Well, isn't your blog thing called stories of a fish kid??" Except he said this all in Spanglish, of course. Haha, that's dads for ya I guess. :) All in all a great birthday...21...oh boy. When all is said and done I thought that being 21 would make me feel light years old, and at first it did, but now that I've had time to warm up to the idea the more I'm liking 21. It's not light years old, at all, by any means, and I have I strong feeling that 21 will be good to me! 
Even though I'm digging 21 I still occasionally miss the days when I was that wide eyed tiny human full of imagination and endless excitement. 

Much Love!

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