Everyone has an inner rebel...mine comes out on the train

{Dress: borrowed similar, Jacket: F21 similar, Boots: old similar, Necklace: gift}
Oh, the train, the train, the train! There's so much to say about it! The first of which being that, call me crazy but I actually love riding the train. I don't have a car so whenever I can't catch a ride with my sisters or borrow a car the train is the way to go. Plus it's free for students so that's a plus. There's always a ton of stuff to look at out the window on the way to and from school too. I never get tired of looking out the window because there's always something different to look at and something that I hadn't noticed before. We always seem to pass the coolest places too, but the places that stick out to me the most and that I consider to be "cool" are usually the weirdest in the middle of nowhere places. I can never figure out quite where they are or how a person would actually get to them so whenever we pass them I wish that I could call out to the train driver to stop the train immediately so I could get off and dilly dally for a bit in the middle of nowhere. Of course that would never happen because not only would it interrupt the entire train schedule but also no matter how loud I yelled, the train driver would never hear me because that's another thing. The train driver has his own little compartment at the front of the train complete with a sign on the door that says, "Please do not disturb the driver". I don't know why but that sign really irritates me, I think mostly because whenever I see signs with instructions to not do a certain something I immediately really want to do the something I'm not supposed to do. Call me a rebel. Sometimes I fantasize about what would happen if I ran over to the driver's door and started yelling and banging on the door. We'd probably all get into some crazy wreck because the driver got distracted and then I'd end up in prison or something, but in my imagination I'd just run up there and really immaturely stick my tongue out at the driver and go "na, na, na, na, na, na". It'd be fun, me and the driver would have a good laugh about it with each other, and then we'd continue our journey being the best of friends. Scattered throughout the train are a bunch of other signs that tell you a bunch of rules about riding the train. You know, just usual stuff like wear headphones with your audio devices, keep animals on a leash, no crude language, and my favorite of all "must wear shirt and shoes to board the train". Well what about pants huh?? You mean it would be perfectly alright for me, or anyone else for that matter, to get on the train with no bloody pants on? I guess bare legs and bum cheeks are perfectly acceptable publicly. Go figure. Anyway, I hadn't ever really noticed ANY of these signs until I rode the train with my sister a couple of weeks ago and she pointed them out to me. The reason for this is that I generally try to avoid reading signs that tell me to do things, because as mentioned above those signs usually just awaken my inner she-demon. The only sign I noticed since day one was this sign about bicycles on the train.
This guy noticed me taking this picture and he must have thought I was taking creepy photos of him because as you can see he got pretty disgruntled. Anyway, I only noticed this sign because I used to take my bike on the train with me so I could ride it the rest of the way to campus so I needed to know proper bike etiquette. Riding my bike got kind of annoying and butt rapey because of the seat if you know what I mean, so I switched to running instead. Oh, and there's another thing about the train. There's this little robotic female voice that informs all of us wee little passengers of the upcoming stops and "gently" reminds us of train etiquette. There are two rules that seem to be her favorite to point out. They also happen to be the two main rules that I sometimes usually  always break. Number one being, and please imagine this in a soft female robotic voice, "Please consider others. Don't put your feet on the seats." Pshhh. As if. This train lady clearly knows nothing about comfort. I mean, how could she? She's a disembodied voice. The number one rule of riding the train in comfort is picking a window seat near the doors with no other seats in front of you and riding with your legs and feet comfortably stretched out on the seat next to you. Ahh sheer comfort! Now, before you all go off thinking I'm a terrible human being you should all know that I only do this when there aren't very many people on the train. I'm not a total jerk! If everyone has a seat of their own I don't see any reason why my tired little feetsies shouldn't have a seat of their own too. Right? Right?? The second rule is, "Please allow seniors and passengers with disabilities to sit in their designated areas." I'm pretty sure that my favorite seat on the train, you know, the one mentioned above, is the designated seating area for seniors and passengers with disabilities. Now, before you guys chew my head off you should know that I've never been on the train with a person with a disability (if in the future I ever do ride with a person with a disability I'd  surrender my seat to them) and the times I've ridden the train with old people they've already picked out different seats that they obviously liked better than their designated area. So fair game right? I think so.

Anyone see a pattern here, though? I'm obviously a train rule breaker. Sigh...I guess I should work on being a "considerate" passenger, huh? I'll give it a shot. Anyway, the final reason I love the train is the people watching. I'm a HUGE people watcher. It's my favorite pass time. I've seen so many interesting things by people watching on the train!

Much love!

P.S. A quick word on the outfit. I think now that it's warm enough I'm going to live in dresses and skirts. I love my weird looking combatish boots. They're so cool, even my hipster painting professor complimented them. Side note on my professor, he looks like a ginger version of Hagrid from Harry Potter, and personality wise he's like the big friendly giant. Also, my military jacket is actually from F21's kids line but I loved it so much I bought it in a bigger size anyway. I mean, I don't know if you guys have noticed but kids clothes are freaking awesome, totally cute, and cheaper than adult clothes. So why not buy a few of their items every now and again?

P.P.S. I know. I know. This post is already YEARS long, but I just have to give a quick credit to my grumpy but albeit wonderful sisters who take all of my wonderful pictures and would like to be given their due credit.

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