Flowy Flowery Maxi and a Beautiful Day

{F21: skirt similar, basic tee similar, belt similar, Ross: denim vest similar, Charlotte Russe: shoes similar}
Today is a good day because the weather today? Yeah, it's just GLORIOUS! It's the kind of weather that just makes a girl really happy to be alive. The kind of weather that's got a deliciously bright sun showering down its beautiful rays. The kind of weather that's got just the right amount of breeze making its way through the sky's so that in the moment just before you get too hot you feel it's gentle touch tickling your shoulders. It's days like today that make me marvel at the world and all of its inhabitants. Ranging from the majestic trees and the cool shade they offer, to all the little creatures that come out of their little winter hidey holes to play, to even my very own existence. Today I feel especially blessed and grateful to be alive. Today I feel like I have the world at my fingertips. Today I feel like I could conquer anything. With all of this desperation to be alive just about to burst from my every pore, today I will conquer a ten mile run in preparation for the half marathon I have coming up in two weeks.

Much love!

P.S. this is like one of my favorite skirts EVER. It's super flattering, and so swishy that it creates a nice little breeze around my legs as I walk. Plus, when I found it at F21 a few months ago I thought it would be $20, and it ended up only being $9!


  1. I love this look! I thrifted a really similar skirt yesterday and I was totally thinking, 'I should find a denim vest to go with this.' haha great minds think alike!



    1. Thanks Jessica!! Yes great fashion minds DO think alike!