I have Spring Fever...Literally

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Well, hello, hello. Sigh...I feel like I'm on an excitement crash from my birthday last week. I can't believe I'm already 21 and one week old today. I like birthdays and all the days leading up to them, and I know saying this is going to sound sooo childish, but hey I never claimed to have fully grown out of being five so here goes...I wish it could be my birthday everyday! ;) All the excitement, specialness, and well, presents are so awesome. Aww well, I guess if it were my birthday everyday it'd loose it's specialness and I'd get bored, and yes I realize that 'specialness' is not a word...but it should be.

Anyway, it seems like I've got spring fever in the very literal sense. Well, technically cold if we're going to get nit picky about it. My eyes burn and are drier than butt crack Egypt. Don't ask me why I just said 'butt crack Egypt' either, it's the fever talking. My nose keeps alternating between being stuffier than a tube sock and runnier than a broken fridge. My throat aches like I'm a vampire who just chugged a gallon of holy water, oh and lets not forget the sneezing! My sneezing is seriously getting out of hand. I'm sneezing about every five minutes...which I actually kind of have to admit that I love. I have a weird fascination with sneezes. I think they're a hoot and a half and wildly entertaining. Oh, and FYI in Spanish when a person sneezes you say, "salud", which means health, but in Spanish since we like to be all cool like we added two extra bonus phrases to say if a person sneezes more than once. If you sneeze a second time you get a "dinero", which means money, AND if you sneeze a third time in row you get an "amor" which means love, so if you're lucky enough to sneeze three times in a row you get health, money, and love! Cool huh? Anyway, I usually get the jackpot because for some reason whenever I sneeze I sneeze in three's. Not this time around, though. Today I've been so unfortunate as to be sneezing in pairs, which means NO LOVE! Oh, nostrils what's wrong with you?!? Do you WANT to doom me to living a healthy life full of riches with no one to share it with?!

I know what's causing my nose to be cursing me to die a lonely old hag...I broke a mirror in my painting class the other day, so you know what that means...7 years of bad luck! I knew having to do a dumb self portrait would bring nothing but doom and utter destruction. It was all that stupid clamps fault! We have to clamp this ridiculously tight claw type thing onto the mirror and then onto the easel. You know, I consider myself to be pretty strong with all of the working out I do so I hate having to ask males for help with things that require strength, so as you can imagine I was pretty upset when I had to ask my professor to set my mirror up for me. Ugh...I hate being a stupid little damsel in distress, but I seriously couldn't get that clamp thing open for the life of me. Anyway, at the end of class I thought I'd be all boss and get the clamp off of my mirror all by myself, hah! It did not work out. At all. I just ended up completely shattering my mirror. In other news, though, my painting is actually going quite well. I did a rough sketch of myself on my canvas, which turned out pretty nice, and I started to block in my lights and shadows. It's looking nice but we'll see how I feel when I've made a little more progress. I'm not really all that superstitious anyway and today was actually a fabulous day but maybe I should be a little more superstitious and take the 7 years of bad luck more seriously because on top of everything else dear old Mother Nature delivered me one of these today...
TMI? Yeah...that's probably TMI...but it's my blog and I'll be gross and share too much information if I want to! Gosh dang it! Ha, just kidding. :)

Much love!

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