Kiss me I'm not Irish!

{Abercrombie Kids: button up top similar, H&M: dress similar here and here, boots similar}
Well, today was St. Patrick's day. As you can see I'm not wearing any green...or am I? I've never been one for going all out in green on St. Patrick's day. I think it's mostly due to the fact that St. Patrick's day isn't celebrated in my country so for the first few years of living here I would always forget to wear green, the price of which was always pretty hefty because kids? They're vengeful little pee wee's that pack a mean pinch. After the first few years of forgetting to wear green I learned my lesson. Not only that, but I gained a desire for vengeance, which of course inspired me to put together a plan for action. In all the following St. Patrick's days I would always wear just a hint of green on a very hidden area of my outfit and I got my revenge in full. When all the other fellow children would run up and pinch me yelling "you're not wearing any green!" I would quickly flash them my hint of green and pinch them a glorious ten times in return. Suckers. Granted, even though they had it coming, I've never been one to enjoy inflicting pain on others so I'd go easy on the little tykes. Anyway, ever since those childhood years, I've just kept up the tradition of wearing just a tiny dash of green on this glorious seemingly pointless holiday. This year there was just a tiny bit of green on my flower clip. Which you can see below. Also, quick side note, Pinterest is now my favorite place for hair ideas. I got the idea for this bun on there and it turned out totally cool. Go follow me, and take a look for yourself! http://pinterest.com/lifeofacoyfish/
 Anyway, the final touch of green I wore today was in the flower pattern of my dress. Now that I'm a fully fledged adult -21 in two days!- pinching isn't really in vogue anymore so it didn't really matter. Oh and I'm still totally in love with these boots that I posted about last Sunday! AND, good news! They're still in stock in the location at Fashion Place for those of you who live in Utah. AND now their clearance shoes are an extra 50% off so you can get them for $10 instead of the $20 that I bought them for! 

Happy St. Patrick's day!!

P.S. My awesome sister Allison took these awesome photos and I LOVE how they turned out, so kudos to her and her creativity! Also, I'm totally in love with this lipstick color that two of my best girlfriends gifted me for my birthday!


  1. love this skirt and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

    1. Aww thanks!! I always appreciate followers! Thanks for stopping by, I'll definitely check out your blog!

  2. Great look i love your skirt :)