The Life and Times of a Singleton

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This Sunday I had all the intention of getting this blog post done and up at a decent hour...and then I lied down on my couch for a couple of minutes and those couple of minutes somehow turned into a two hour nap. I guess all of this aging into a 21 year old this week had me beat. Anyway, last weekend when I went laser tagging with my best chicas we somehow came to the conclusion that what our group of Fantastic Four needed most in the world was a group blind date. Oh, the ideas that spring from a group of over excited rampant female hormones! Anyway, we gave ourselves a week to come up with suitable males for each other. My sister and I had to come up with two honeys for the other two ladies and vise-versa. 

We went into the start of this week with a clear idea of who we wanted to set the ladies up with and then it turned out that the males we had in mind were now in relationships. Bleh. Anyway, we just thought oh well we still have a good five days to come up with alternatives. Of course those five days quickly turned into five hours before Friday and still no alternatives. We were scrambling through all of our contacts trying to decide who would be a suitable match. I'm the baby of our group so of course most of my male friends were a tad on the young side and/or still finishing up their missions. We finally narrowed our selection down to a group of about five males and quickly contacted them to see if they'd be interested. Our hopes weren't high considering how short of notice we were giving them. Most of them said they already had plans, and we were still waiting to hear from one. 

We were just about ready to give up on the whole scheme and reschedule it for the following weekend when I suddenly remembered this guy from our ward who had sat next to me once during Sunday school. On the particular Sunday when he sat next to me I was a little peeved at him because I'm a bit of a snob and I'm very particular about the way people sit when they sit next to me and he was not conforming to my sitting rules. You see I'm a firm believer in that whole, "this is my bubble of space, do not enter it" idea. I've come to notice that guys have no concept of this rule, they enjoy sitting with their legs all spread out and taking up as much space as humanly possible. On more than one occasion I have felt that the guy sitting next to me is secretly trying to sit in my lap or just plain old trying to kick me out of my seat and have two whole seats to themselves. Anyway, that Sunday I was already sleepy and hungry and therefore prone to being irrationally annoyed by dumb things so when I felt him invading my bubble I was very irked to say the least. Anyway, I vaguely remembered him being cute so he was forgiven for the annoyance he never even knew he had committed and my sister and I proceeded to go into "crazy stalker mode" and look him up on our wards website. We found his name and I looked him up on the good old, Facebook. I sent him a message proposing our crazy scheme with little hopes of him reading my slightly creepy message let alone answering it. To my surprise he pulled through and answered in the affirmative. Our male #2 also came through and answered in the affirmative and we were in the clear!  

The next day we all met up at "the bachelorette pad", aka my best friends house, and whipped together some peach cobbler because what's more enticing than a girl who can bake? Little to nothing. And...well...to be honest it was actually Allison that did about 98% of the baking. I say 98% because I contributed 1% by washing the dishes and our girlfriends contributed the other 1% by providing the vanilla ice cream. The boys soon arrived and a night of dessert, high stakes Jenga, and flirting -mostly on my end if I'm being honest- ensued. My sister and I weren't really acquainted with the boys we had invited and as it turns out the other half of our Fantastic Four wasn't really acquainted with the boys they had invited either. Which actually turned out for the better. A night among almost complete strangers is actually crazy fun. Even, though, being a singleton can have it's downfalls, the biggest of which being that I'm constantly harassed with questions of why I'm still single -um I'm barely 21 people, sheesh give a girl some time- for the most part being single is just grand. If I weren't single I wouldn't be able to do crazy group blind dates, and I wouldn't be able to hang with my home girls quite as much. Granted, I don't want to be single forever. Not by any means, but there's a time for everything and right now is a time to enjoy being single and prepare for that lovely eternity of not being single. :) So, for now I'm "learning, living, and becoming." Here's to the single life, and here's to an eternity of companionship! 

Much Love!

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