Weather confusion, blank mind, lemonade, and just a dash of Buffy...okA LOT of Buffy

{Shorts: F21 similar, top: Ross similar, cardi: F21 similar, shoes: h&m similar}
Ever have one of those days when you don't really have much to talk about or much that you even want to say? Yeah, that'd be today for me. Yesterday was a day filled with an almost overwhelming amount of emotion. Accepting the very real possibility that you might very soon have to say goodbye to a loved one can be hard. It takes a toll and trying to deal with it quietly, which is my nature, left me with a massive headache. Anyway, keeping myself locked in with my thoughts all of yesterday left me feeling just a little blank today. As if I had used up all of my thought quota and therefore had nothing left to think about today.

Blank mind aside, I still had classes today, so I pressed on and got ready for the day! Utah weather has reached that point where it's warm enough to get you excited for warm weather clothes but not quite warm enough to actually wear warm weather clothes. I was feeling like wearing high waisted shorts today but due to the above mentioned weather occurrence I couldn't wear them all on their own. I paired them with a pair of tights and BOOM. Mildly warm weather ready. Pair that with a polka-dot top and light cardi and you've got yourself a look that screams, "I'm weather confused".

Well, that's about all my headachey blank mind can handle writing for today. I'm going to go continue the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" kick I've been on because that's another thing about my personality. When life gives me lemons I don't make lemonade. I like to pretend I don't see the lemons hoping that if I ignore them long enough they'll just go away, and then maybe once I've daydreamed enough I'll accept that they're not going away and make some stupid lemonade. :)

Much love!

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