24 cats that are so single right now...

{F21: Maxi dress -worn as skirt- similar, denim jacket similar, basic tee similar, necklace similar, sunnies similar; H&M: hat similar, Ross: sandals similar}
...Hey guuuuys. I was in a mega romance funk this weekend. Maybe it was just the uterus punch that had me feeling blue, but I was just feeling kind of off. Of course, my romance funk meant that an immediate viewing of the Julia Roberts classic, "My Best Friend's Wedding" was in need. It's my go to movie when I'm in a funk. I remember it being on ABC Family one night back when I was 17 when I was in a similar funk. I remember seeing it and thinking, "Oh, I remember watching this as a little girl and not getting it at all. I should watch it again." Anyway, I watched it all the way through loving every moment, and then it got to that last scene when Julia looses the man and is just gloomily sitting at her table ALL alone...and I cried. Seriously. I just sat in my family's theater room all alone thinking to my 17 year old self in between sniffles, "That's, sniffle, sniffle, going, sniffle, to be, sniffle, sniffle, MEEEE!!" I can't even remember why my 17 year old self was so convinced that I would be forever alone. Maybe an old crush had let me down? I don't know. I don't remember, but ever since that moment "My Best Friends Wedding" has just been my go to romance funk movie.

Well, enough of that. My romance funk hast ended. I know I'm not going to be forever alone. That uterus punch just had me feeling like wallowing in non-existant issues. :)

Moving on, ever heard of Buzzfeed? Well, it's some sort of website full of hilarious little things that my sister loves reading in her spare time. Whenever she finds something especially hilarious she emails it to me. The most recent thing she sent me was this list of "24 Cats that are so Single Right Now". Check it out. It's hilarious and extremely relatable! But seriously. Check. It. Out. It is a complete requirement of reading this post!
...what do you guys think? Super funny right? I especially loved numbers 2, 3, 11, and 15. They're me to the extreme. Which ones were your favorites?

Much Love!

P.S. I love this maxi dress turned maxi skirt! It's one of my favorite items right now. Super cozy, and super easy to style in different ways. I can wear it as a dress like its meant to be worn or I can convert it into a maxi skirt! Amaze-balls!

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