Because boys will be boys and girls will be girls!

{F21: leather flower hairband similar, jeans, Pacsun: oversize t-shirt similar, H&M: boots similar, Claire's: Necklace similar}
The semester is about one week from ending! I'm so so so excited, except that the nearness of the semester ending means that I'm in crunch time. I've got projects and papers galore! Bleh. I like to whine about this a lot but in all honesty I kind of like these moments. When I've got tasks stacked up past my eyeballs. I like being busy, and the sense of accomplishment you get once you've finished EVERYTHING is pretty jilting. Haha wow, could I sound any nerdier? Oh well, being nerdy suits me. :) With the end of the semester looming and finals around the corner simpler is better when it comes to outfits, so today I went with this oversize tee and my favorite booties. I didn't want to look too simple, though, so I added a chain necklace and borrowed my sisters flower hairband.

In other news, can we talk about the dating scene for a sec here? Is it just me or is dating just a tad bit frustrating about...oh, say 80% of the time? I'm sure you single ladies...or gents...or tadpoles...or puppies or whoever is reading will agree with me right?? I mean, being a girl, I'm obviously going to be more sympathetic to the dating plight of us poor females so I might as well apologize right now to any guy readers for the "men are clueless" rant that's about to ensue. So...let's begin! Alright, I know this is a new day and age in which it's perfectly acceptable for women to do the asking or "make the first move" as they say. I'm no stranger to this notion, and I have in the past been the one to "make the first move". I don't mind. I'm brave enough to do it so why not? If I see a cute guy I'll be bold enough to go over and strike up a conversation, because I'm fairly certain that if I just stand around waiting for said cute guy to make the move I'll be waiting there till my hair turns gray. However, I have begun to be a little more tentative when it comes to asking guys out or making the first move for a couple of reasons. The first being that -prepare yourselves because I'm about to get all ghetto speak on you- I don't want no guy gettin' all lazy on me thinkin' it's my job to do all the work and put in all the effort. Aint no way, no how. Aint no way I'm gonna be wooing no man, mmmmkay? I mean, as ladies we're already putting in a heck of a whole lot more work than the men by the simple fact that we put so much effort into looking so dang hot everyday. Making sure our hair looks nice, putting on a bit of mascara, and picking out a figure flattering outfit is more work than one would assume. Am I right? Amen hallelujah? Eh? Eh?? Amen hallelujah! The second being that, sure I can be all modern day woman till the cows come home but deep down I'm still pretty old fashioned. It feels nice to be the one that's asked out gosh dang it! To have doors opened and the whole chivalrous shebang. I mean, if me the quiet, coy, and reserved girl can gather up enough courage to ask a guy out why can't men do the same? I mean, the worst that could happen is that you get rejected. Which, let's be honest, doesn't happen very often. I've only turned down a guy on one occasion and I had good reason. Oh, and not to mention how frustrating the actual date can be. I mean, can we get over this acting all aloof and cool/casual thing? This whole pretending to not be too interested thing. It's not just guys that are guilty of that one, though, girls are too. We all do it, but can we just come out with the facts straight up? Just come out and say, "Hey I like you. You like me. This is my weird non cool self. What'd you think?" That way there's non of that annoying beating around the bush and you can get straight down to seeing if your personalities mesh well, and then if not then at least you didn't waste weeks of dating each other to figure it out. As one Eliza Bennett from Pride & Prejudice would put it,"It is very often nothing but our own vanity that deceives us. Women fancy admiration means more than it does. And men take care that they should." Well, that's my rant. I think I should add a thank you, though, to all of the gutsy guys who have been bold enough to ask this weird little gal out. Kudos to you! You're straight up fellas. Oh, and don't get me wrong I haven't completely despaired with dating! Dating and being single is still as candy and roses as I made it out to be in this post, there are just those days every now and then when I get annoyed by it because..."I'm a woman and I can be as contrary as I choose!"

Much Love!


  1. Haha you are so funny, I loved reading this post. Even though I'm married, I feel your pain. I was single for over one year before I met my husband. Yes, 16 months without a single date. Mainly because in the town I live in "classy guys" are few and far to find. Then I met my now husband and we definitely didn't play any games. We were hooked by our second date and got engaged pretty fast. We have no shame. With that being said, you will find the right guy, one who is old-fashioned and likes to open doors for gals:) and one who doesn't make you feel frustrated! Haha sorry for the rant, I just remember feeling that way, so I had to share my little bit of hope... hopefully it helped lol :)

    1. Aww thanks for your comment Jessica! You're the sweetest! Haha, I love rants -hence why I rant so often- so no worries! :)