Because this is all I can think of...Buahahahaha!

 {F21: dress, earrings -that you can't even really see- similar; Charlotte Russe: shoes similar}
Oh, you guys...bleh. Just bleh. Today started out perfectly fine. I woke up nice and early, was extremely productive, took my puppy out for a run, and got all dolled up for church. But then, moments before I was about to head out I started to feel a little uncomfortable and it was because dear old mother nature had come a knockin' with one of these...
I know I've already shared this picture once and I know it's probably TMI but like I said once before it's my blog and I'll be gross and share TMI if I want to. ;) As all of you ladies can probably guess the day just went all down hill from there. You see that girl smiling in the pictures above? Ha, don't be fooled by that smile because that's the smile of a sly little devil who was kind of a grouch to everyone she saw today. I got to church and I told myself I'd give it an honest shot to not be a grouch...ha! That so did not happen. I was grumpy at everyone sitting next to me, I was grumpy at everyone in the room for no particular reason, and I was grumpy at the girl sitting five rows in front of me who was being way too flirty and throwing herself all over not one but TWO guys for an entire hour. I know, I know, it's probably none of my business who this girl flirts with and throws herself all over but when it's that time of the month that she-demon inside me, that I so lovingly talked about here and very recently here, just takes over and I just turn into a judgey, nosey, she-demon freak. It kind of sucks because I ended up completely and purposely ignoring everyone I had intended to speak to and was a tad bit short with the few people that were courageous enough to approach me today. I say courageous because it takes a brave person to approach me when I have "WARNING: I am a she-demon today" stamped across my forehead. I'm awful...but I can't be alone in this right? I mean, ladies, back me up here. We all turn into grouches once a month right? Oh well, all is right with the world now, I'm home chowin' down on a slice of homemade carrot cake and I couldn't be happier. The she-demon has been sated and by tomorrow I should be back to my regular non she-demon self. For now, though, my apologies to those that had to interact with the she-demon.

Much Love!