The Birth of a Blog

{H&M: skirt similar, boots similar; F21: basic scoop neck top similar; Belt: Guatemala}
Its been a while since you all last saw me. School is nearing its end so naturally my work load is pretty whack. Anyway, my blog got a make-over! Courtesy of the lovely Melisa over at Pie N' the Sky ! Doesn't it just look fab? I sure think so! Anyway, with my blog getting a face lift and my finally starting to sponsor other blogs, this month I'm hoping to expand my readership. That got me thinking about the whole blogging process in general and how every blog has a beginning. I don't know about you guys, but I like to go through the old posts of some of my favorite blogs, Dearest Lou, Because of Jackie, and Gentri Lee being a few of my favorites, and take a look at where they all began. It's fun to see how blogs develop and see how the ladies got to where they are today! Over the past few months I feel like I've begun to develop a sense for what I would like my blog to be, and it's slowly getting there but I know I've still got a long ways to go. First and foremost, I want my blog to be a place where I can share my personal style because fashion, no matter how odd or quirky, is something I love and heavens knows my style can be down right freakish at times! Second, even though I've been slacking majorly on posts in this department, I'd like this wee little space of mine to be a place where I can share my love of health and fitness. Oh, and last but not least! I want this internet dwelling to be a place where quirkiness and oddity is welcome and embraced! I've always been an odd little character, and my particular brand of weird hasn't always been embraced by others, which is why I want this place to be somewhere where I can be as crazy and weird as any particular moment inspires me to be! In the words of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, "welcome to my island of misfit toys"! Growing up I was always a wallflower so I'd love for any fellow wallflowers to feel welcome and embraced! "You see things and you understand. You are a wallflower." I'd like to thank all of you lovely people who have been loyally reading my posts and giving this little space of mine the astounding -to me- amount of views it's been getting! I appreciate it greatly, and to any new readers I'd like to say hello and I hope you stay and follow me along through the ups and downs of creating and maintaining a blog! To wrap it all up, how about I share 5 strange facts about myself so those of you who are new readers can get a glimpse of how odd I can be and so those of you who already follow along can get a good laugh!

  1. I create my own catch phrases on a regular basis. They're always pretty random and lame but they're usually funny and catch on pretty quickly with my siblings. Example: What the Quwa? It's kind of like saying what the heck...but better. Have you guys ever heard that one song, "Fire Burning", by Sean Kingston? Well, that's where the idea for the phrase came from. There's a part in the song where he says, "What's goin on", but I always heard, "What the Quwa" and thus a catch phrase was created. I have sooo many more too!
  2. You know how neighborhood dogs always start barking at you as you walk by? Well, as a child I used to bark back at them. I did it so often my dog bark got pretty dang convincing. I'm pretty sure the dogs where convinced I was actually a dog. I may or may not still do this...(; 
  3. I'm terrified of jumping off of things. I can't ever bring myself to jump off of anything, and it's not a fear of heights thing either because I can climb a three story rock wall no problem, but I can't for the life of me get myself to jump off the edge of a pool. 
  4. I read magazines from the back to the front. It just makes more sense to me that way. You get to see all the good stuff, like the celeb interview, first and all the fluff stuff last. 
  5. To the great annoyance of my family, I take random bites out of items of food that I like in the pantry. I usually never finish eating said items of food so our pantry is full of bitten bits of food. I don't really know why I do it either. I think maybe I just see the food and think "Oh, that looks good, I'll bite it to claim it as mine and save it for later." 
I hope you all don't think I'm nutso crazy after reading those!

Much love!

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  1. So many things to say!
    I totally thought I WAS following your blog, but EEK I wasn't! So sad, so, that is fixed. Well, I actually fixed it by following via bloglovin', but now i'm off to read that article about GFC NOT closing. What the Quwa?!
    You look so cute, I especially love the booties. I'm a big fan of ankle boots. :)
    Oh my goodness *blush* thank you for including me in your list of favs!! Such an honor. :) And I'm kind of embarrassed that you read my first post(s). haha! I have thought about deleting them, (some I have) but I just can't delete such great memories. :)

    1. Thanks Gentri! Of course your blog is one of my favs, your tips are fab and you're just so dang sweet! I like your usage of my crazy phrase, haha! :) I love reading bloggers firsts posts! They're kind of inspiring in a way, they let you really see that all successful blogs have a beginning!


  2. Allexis!! This post was sooooo swasing awesome! I laughed so hard I cried!!
    Ps. I love the pics you chose

    1. Haha, yay, I'm glad you liked it!! Thanks, it's always hard picking photos when I have an amazing photographer like you! ;)

  3. You look so cute, love that red skirt on you. I used to like to flip through magazines from the back to the front too!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee