These are my Confessions...

{H&M: dress similar; F21: cardi similar; Charlotte Russe: shoes similar}
I'm sure you've all heard of Shakira right? Of course you all have. I mean, who hasn't heard of the "Hips don't Lie" belly dancing vixen? Before her hips didn't lie, though, she had a whole different sound and look. She had blue, pink, and purple in her then black as night hair and was the sickest female rocker of the 90's. She was just this killer harmonica playing bad a**. It's kind of a little known fact unless you're a Latino. Anyways, her album "Donde Estan los Ladrones", one of my top favorite albums of all time, has this song on it called "Inevitable". The beginning verses start off with odd little confessions about herself, and I totally love it. Not to mention the fact that I'm guilty of doing more than one of the things she confesses about doing. Here's the song if you want to give it a listen. It's totally awesome even if about 90% of you won't understand the lyrics, but you'll get to see an edgier looking Shakira!
Anyway, this song got me thinking about confessions. I know I mentioned before that I wanted to do a little confession type post a while back and I decided to finally do it today. I mean, I'm not going to be confessing to murder or anything...not that I've ever killed anyone. I just wanted to clarify that my confessions are just going to be light, fun, and possibly probably maybe just a little bit totally weird.

  1. I have MAJOR road rage. I'm usually a pretty chill person but when it comes to driving my inner she-demon comes out to play. When I'm on the road I'm usually of the mindset that I'm the only capable driver on the road. I honk freely and liberally -I know, I know, honking is rude and obnoxious but how else am I supposed to give other divers a piece of my she-demon mind?- Oh, and did I mention that when I'm driving my mind somehow convinces itself that I'm Jason Statham from "The Transporter"? Yupp, this is basically how my mind envisions me when I drive. 
  2. I've been mentioning this one a lot on my Facebook page lately but I seriously love salty bites of oatmeal. I like buying those instant Quaker oatmeal packets because they make easy and tasty breakfasts when I'm in a hurry. My favorite flavor is the Maple Syrup. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, to die for! Anyway, every now and then there'll be a spoonful that for some reason has a salty taste to it...and I love it! I don't know why, but it just tastes soooo good to me!
  3. I don't wash my hair on daily basis...don't judge me! I mean, according to Cosmo and Glamour not washing my hair every single day is actually healthier. It helps it not get dried out and/or strip it of necessary oils and minerals and such...so yay me right? Right?? Yeah, yay me for keeping my hair healthy! Plus, sometimes second day hair just looks so much cuter than first day hair. Ya feel me ladies??
  4. I talk to myself. Out loud. A lot. I know most people do, but I'm that crazy person that gets all angry and defensive about it when someone else thinks I'm talking to them. This happens to me at work a lot. I'll be rattling something off to myself and when someone asks if I was speaking to them I'll say, "Pshh, no. I wasn't talking to YOU, I was talking to MYSELF", as I walk off muttering, "Mind your own dang business."
  5. Last but not least. I think I'm turning into a crier. A public crier at that too! I'm worried guys. Blehhhhhh. This Saturday I cried crazy amounts at work. One of my co-worker/friend's grandma passed away and as I gave her a hug of comfort I got to thinking about how much I could relate to how she was feeling because my own grandma is very close to passing as well and  and I just burst into tears with her. It turned into a sloppy teary hug and I'm not sure I ended up being very comforting at all. Oh, and it was my best friends last day at work. The whole day I kept telling myself I wasn't going to cry about it, and I actually wasn't feeling too teary but then...she clocked out and the water works started. I was quickly heading to full on sobbing/ugly crying -not that crying is ever attractive- but I didn't want to make her feel bad so I contained myself. Call me 'Emotional Edith'. I hate crying.  
Well, there are my confessions for you! What do you guys think, can you relate to any of 'em? Have any confessions of your own? 

Much Love! 

P.S. Sorry about the grainy quality/brightness of the outfit photos! Oh, and there's a MEGA sale going on at H&M, I went yesterday and they had a bunch of stuff! 


  1. I talk to myself all the time too! haha. Love the color of that dress!
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    1. Thanks Tara, and thanks for stopping by!!


  2. I never wash my hair every day either and even though I color it here and there it's always super soft and shiny so I guess not washing it works! hehe


    Runway Chef

    1. Haha I guess hair filth equals hair beauty! ;) Go us!