This is what I do with Freedom!

{Ross: Chambray top similar, gladiator sandals similar; Abercrombie kids: denim shorts similar, white tank similar; F21: head wrap similar, bird necklace similar, sunglasses similar}
I've been a lazy blogger this week guys, sorry. It was finals week and it was insane! BUT, I'm done!! Yahoo! I'm free at last! I'm finally free for the summer, and this weather is just straight up ballin'! ;) To celebrate, my sisters and I are heading up to Logan for a quick concert and then I'm headin' off for a night of Latin dancing with two of my best chicas! (Scratch the concert, my sister underestimated how far Logan is and no longer wants to drive that far.) Now that's what I call a bomb way of kicking off the summer! How are you guys kicking off your summers? Oh, and to any Always Maylee readers stopping by today, welcome! I hope you guys enjoy my ramblings about my mega weird and semi boring life...and if our weirdness is compatible follow along and let's be friends!

Much Love!

A quick word to any fellow runners. Never EVER run without socks. I forgot mine today and figured I'd be fine, boy was I wrong. I ignored the slight discomfort I was feeling on the arch of my feet but when I got home and took off my shoes I realized I had completely rubbed off a good chunk of skin on the arches of my feet. That'll probably put a damper on my dancing.

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