All My Single Ladies welcome to What She Wears: On a Date

Hello friends! Today I'm doing a link up with one of my personal favorite blogs whose author I consider my personal blogging coach -whether she knows it or not-, Meagan from Because of Jackie and one of my new blogging obsessions A Rambling Fancy! They're doing a monthly link up called "What She Wears" with some other cute bloggers. This months theme is "what she wears on a date". Since most of the lovely ladies linking up are already married I decided I'd focus my "what she wears on a date" link up on us wee little single ladies! I decided that most dates for us singletons fall into one of four categories. There's the classic "dinner and a movie" date, the "fro-yo and chat(in the summer)/coffee -or in my case hot chocolate- and chat(in the winter)" date, the "something active" date planned by the daring and bold fellas, and/or the "going out somewhere fancy" date. I put together four different looks for each of the above mentioned sections.

"Going out Somewhere Fancy"
 {F21: dress; H&M: trench coat; Charlotte Russe: heels}
I would wear this to go to the Utah Symphony, being the classical music lover that I am...but honestly I know of absolutely no 21 year old boys that would actually enjoy that. I mean, do you ladies know of any 21 year old guys that would willingly subject themselves to sitting still with little to no talking for FOUR hours while the beautiful sounds of an orchestra tickled their ears? I sure don't. Heck, I don't think anyone under the age of 55 would enjoy that...but then again half of the time I have the personality of an 80 year old. But a girl can dream can't she? Picture it now: a tall, fit, blond, and light eyed hunk (that's my fantasy man feel free to replace him with your own) coming to your door step all crisp and clean shaven in a heart achingly sexy tuxedo and cravat with a pair of symphony tickets in his hand. Yummm. Oh, and when he gets there he leans in close and whispers in your ear that he got "tickets in the front row right up close to the cello section", because he of course knows that you were a former orch dork and passionately played the cello for four years! ;)

"Dinner and a Movie"

{F21: skirt; H&M: booties; Aldos: cross body purse; Hollister: ruffle tank; Earings: gift}
Oh the classic dinner and a movie! We've all probably been on a million and one of these! There's a reason it's a classic, though. Dinner for chatting and discovering whether or not you're into the other person and a movie because EVERYONE loves a good movie, and it's a good time to sit and not have to talk if the date is going south. Just sayin'. I personally try not to look too dressed up for these but I still want to have a look that's not too relaxed. I mean, I'm going to be oggled by a fellow for potentially 3+ hours. Girl's gotta have a look that impresses. 

"Fro-Yo and Hang"

{H&M: graphic tee; Abercrombie: skirt; Nine West: flats; Aldos: cross body purse; F21: belt}
The fro-yo and chat. The quick and completely relaxed date. Totally non-committal and is as quick as your tolerance for awkward silence lasts or as long as your non-stop chemistry wants to keep it going. I always try to go for a flirty and fun look, and what's more flirty and fun than a frilly skirt and artsy t-shirt? Nothing. These are always hit and miss kinds of dates for me, mostly because I can be the queen of AWKWARD silence or as you've all learned the queen of non-stop talking. Just depends on who I'm with.

"Something Active"

{F21: basic tee, denim shorts, pink watch; Puma: shoes; Rue21: scarf}
Oh, the "something active" date. I love these. They're usually planned by the hunky fit, spunky, and fun types. Which is basically my kind of man. Duh. ;) They can range anywhere from a simple walk in the park to an adventurous trip rock climbing somewhere in the gorgeous Utah mountains. For these I like to wear clothes that I can move around in easily, shoes that I could run one of my half marathons in, and cute girly accessories to jazz it up. My latest "something active" date was an evening of frisbee golf. I basically suck at it, but it's fun nonetheless. Some of my dream "something active" dates would probably involve spelunking with a Christian Bale type babe (I blame Batman Begins for this fantasy), a helicopter ride through somewhere scenic, or my personal favorite a "drive, stop, and explore". This last one requires some explanation. I usually have no idea where the heck I am when I'm in a car. Mostly because I pay far too much attention to the scenery than to where I actually am and end up focusing more on cool looking spots that I notice when I'm on the freeway and wonder how the heck I could possibly get to them. I think it'd be super fun to just fill up the tank, hop in my dates car, and play "drive, stop, and explore". We'd just hop on the freeway and I'd point out all of the cool locations that I always notice but never stop at, we'd figure out how to get to them and once we got to them we'd stop, explore, and move onto the next location. Oh, and when I envision this date we're totally blasting music from one of my many awesome playlists on Spotify because we have the same taste in totally awesome music! You know, just some good old Dashboard, Jimmy Eat World, and GooGoo Dolls. The good old teenage years classics. ;)

Much Love!


  1. First of all, how cute are you in your intro...I am honored:) Second, I love the different looks you did. My fave os the fro yo one, cute and a little sassy at the same time!

    1. Awww thanks Meagan!! I was completely blog stalking all of your first posts the other day and you are just too hilarious! Also, it was so odd hearing your actual voice when you did your first video tutorial! Because, ya know I just kinda made up a voice for you in my head...and I was WAY off! :)