Five Stupid Decisions

{F21: shorts similar, belt similar, sunnies similar; H&M: booties similar; Coke T-Shirt: stolen from my brother similar here and here!}
Guys I'm soooo sick, can you tell? No? Well then, my sunnies are doing their job properly! My throat started to get slightly scratchy on Sunday so I figured I'd be all preemptive and what not by taking some cold medicine to nip it in the bud. No such luck. On Monday I woke up and my throat had gone from mildly scratchy to full on achey. My mom kept advising me to do gargles with one of our family home remedies, but I kept insisting that it wasn't necessary and I'd be fine -stupid decision numero uno.

I told myself all I needed to do was sweat it out and I'd be fine by the next day, so I went to the gym -stupid decision numero dos. My workout was killer and I got home feeling all pumped and totally cured! I told myself, "see, all I needed to do was sweat it out". Ha, of course I was so wrong. As the evening progressed the ache came back ten fold. It even got to that point where your throat is so achey it hurts to even mumble a simple hello. I was in baaaaaad shape.

Of course, my sisters and mom yet again advised me to do gargles and take a theraflu. I, being stubborn as a cow, and thinking I knew better refused their sage advise thinking that if I just slept it off I'd be fine by the morning -stupid decision numero three. Well, I had one of the most awful nights of sleep last night. I kept choking on the ache of my throat the whole night long, I somehow managed to work up a fever, and even started to feel as though I was going to upchuck at any minute. Let me tell you, soooo fun! ;) Anyway, I woke up feeling like the most miserable girl in the whole world but I told my body, "I'm in charge here body, and I say it's time you stopped being a pansy. We're going to the gym and this time it's going to work and you're going to get over yourself and stop hurting" -stupid decision numero four. Yes, I'm that mean when I talk to myself in my head. I got dressed and headed down stairs fully intending to go to the gym. I must have looked really awful, though, because my mom stopped me in my tracks and forbid me from going anywhere. She whipped up our home remedy, a tall glass of hot water with copious amounts of salt stirred in, and sent me to the bathroom to do gargles. I know that our home remedy must sound like the craziest thing ever, but guys, I swear it's like magic. By the time I was done, a lot of the ache/sting had been taken away from my sore throat. My mom then instantly made me a theraflu. Which, I was adamantly refusing because we only had the night time kind and I did not want to go to sleep. I hate sleeping. Yes, I realize that sounds so insane, but I do.  She wouldn't take no for an answer, though, so I drank it.

I got drowsy in a few minutes and completely passed out. I was deep in my medicine induced sleep when my stubborn mind suddenly burst awake with a, "that's enough. No more napping for you! I hate napping, so rise and shine sicko head!" I groggily got up and decided that I should shower -aaaaaand stupid decision numero cinco. I hopped in the shower still pretty sleepy because the medicine hadn't quite worn off, and had the weirdest shower of my life. I swear I must have dozed off at least twice. Not safe. I got out of the shower, got dressed, and just totally passed out on my bed again.

And now here I am, typing away while I dogsit my puppy, Roku. I think he's pretty mad at me right now. I keep basically hacking up a lung every few minutes and it keeps waking him up from his attempts at napping. Poor guy. I also don't think he's a fan of the coke t-shirt I'm wearing (which, by the way, I stole out of my little brothers closet, without asking) because he gave me the most skeptical look as I was pulling it on. His disapproving look totally screamed, "Really? You're seriously going with that top? Mmmm girl, you cray". Yes, when my dog speaks he speaks like a sassy black woman. Or, you know, maybe he didn't approve of my shirt choice because he saw me steal it out of my little brothers closet without permission, who knows. Only my puppy's inner black woman can tell us that.

Happy Tuesday friends, and much love!


  1. I totally can't tell that you're sick! Love the top :)

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com