In a Perfect World

Here in Utah today was a rainy day. One of those days that start out overcast and cloudy. One of those days that when you step out early in the morning and inhale that first breath of outdoor air you can smell that crisp refreshing scent of rain that hasn't quite trickled down yet. As the day progressed, the rain started coming down. Slowly at first and then full force by midday. Instead of doing the usual outfit post today, I decided to just share some thoughts I've been having and some images off of Pinterest that I'm really loving. Like this dog, isn't he just the cutest thing you ever did see?
Today, I got around to imagining my perfect world. In my perfect world I would eat and never get fat. I would run and never get tired. I would have endless amounts of time, and resources to finance whatever I desired. In a perfect world, college would be free! I could take class after class, and learn every tiny detail that my heart desires to learn without paying a penny! In a perfect world, I would never have to do my hair. I would be able to just imagine the exact style or hairdo I wanted for the day, close my eyes, and when I opened them my hair would look exactly how I imagined! 
In my perfect world I wouldn't have to go in for another day of work ever again. I would just have perfect liberty to chase every last dream no matter how big or small that I've ever had. I would be an Olympic runner, a professional ballet and or hip hop dancer -I'm kind of envisioning Jessica Alba in "Honey" here-, world class photographer/painter, renowned author, celebrated actress a la Jennifer Lawrence or Natalie Portman, have my own clothing line, be a pro street racer -this one would actually be one of the most important ones...I have weird dreams. I know-, be a lauded cellist and pianist who has played all around the world, and or maybe have my own rock band who I tour and record sick albums with on the side...I know. It's a lot. But this is my perfect world here, I never said it'd be realistic! :) Oh, and how awesome is the photo of the old couple up there? I thought it was just so...incredible!
This isn't my "perfect" world, though. I have to style my own hair, I'm not a pro street racer, and I have to go into work five days a week to actually PAY for college. When I see these beautiful images, though (I mean, look at that deer...breathtaking! And that baby wolf? Heart achingly adorable!), I think to myself, "why am I wasting time envisioning a 'perfect' world when there is such beauty all around? When I get to admire all of God's creations on a daily basis?" Then I get to thinking about days like today. Today I got to spend almost an entire day with my older sister at her job at my dad's dealership. We goofed around, enjoying each other's company, while simultaneously working. We got to stop by one of my favorite vegan eateries for lunch. I got to eat a black bean veggie burger and almost die over a mouth watering delicious raspberry lemon bar. I drove a GINORMOUS truck for the first time...and I got to do one of my favorite things ever...annoy, annoy, and annoy my older sister. Hey, I'm an older sister to two people and only a little sister to one person, I might as well enjoy the simple pleasures of a younger sibling right? Plus, I only annoy her enough that she finds it amusing more than anything. ;) In my book, today was perfection. I can take not being limitless and being able to do anything I want, for days like today any day. Life isn't always perfect, problem free, without stress, or without trials and pain but maybe that's what makes life amazing; the fact that since there is imperfection in our lives we can enjoy those simple and small moments of perfection that much more. 

Much Love!


  1. Oh man. Those pictures make me so happy. Life is never perfect but those day brightners from God are always encouraging. Thanks for sharing!



    1. Aww thank you so much for your sweet comment Taylor, and thank you for reading!