Lazy Hobgoblin. Piglets. Tadpoles...I'm strange.

{Tanger Outlets: skirt similar; Pacsun: top similar; Charlotte Russe: shoes similar; F21: earrings similar}
I know, I know. I have yet again been a lazy as a hobgoblin blogger. I just was having a week in which I felt like a break from the internet was necessary for my mental health. Have you guys ever had one of those? When you just feel like you need a little bit of a disconnect? It'd be nice if we could do that with our lives as well; just push pause on everything for a good hour or so just to catch our breath. That'd be stellar. Anyway, it's a good thing I gave you all a break from me this week because weird was just ooozing out of my every pore. Not that I'm ever very normal, but this week for some reason it was just as if my soul had been bottling up about a months worth of weirdness and it all just decided to finally spill out. I was skipping about all over the place, karate chopping invisible piglet ninjas, randomly breaking out in crazy dances in public, changing the lyrics to popular songs to more funny vaguely inappropriate versions and -to the great annoyance of my older sister- singing them at the top of my lungs at Walmart, and my personal slightly embarrassing favorite...singing customers names in a weird/creepy voice at work...while they were still standing there staring at me like I was a complete and total oddball. Which I am. :) Also, this week I had a strange fascination/obsession with the word piglet. Piglet. Piglet. Piglet. Piglet. PIGLET. Isn't it just the funniest and cutest word your ears have ever been tickled enough to hear? I love it. Piglet. I seem to have word obsessions a lot. My last word obsession before piglet, was tadpole. Remember? I mentioned my weird like of them here. Anyway, I was able to go up to the Tanger Outlets in Park City with my mom this week, and I got some preeeeetty awesome stuff for good prices! Mostly much needed running gear, but still. I got this skirt while I was up there for a whopping $6! Pretty sweet right? Except that I got it at...dun, dun, dun. The ever odious Abercrombie. Guys, I know. The owner said some real d-bag things and he's a total moron...but I didn't know about it when I bought the skirt....and it was $6...and just soooo pretty! Let's just pretend I got the cuter version from SheInside that I gave the link to up there, ok?? Ok. Piglets. Sorry, I just had to add piglets in there one more time for luck.

Much love!