Whatever (Because I can't think of a better title)

{Pacsun: oversize t-shirt similar; F21: shorts similar, bird ring similar here in gold; Steve Madden: sandals  similar here, here, and here; Van Heusen: sunnies similar; Earrings: gift similar

Summer, summer, summer, summer. At last! It's finally the season of watermelons, shorts, late-night runs, crazy tan lines, and best of all POOL TIME! I don't know about you guys, though, but I tend to get my laziest during the summer. Aside from my running I don't feel like doing much else other than lying about in the sun, reading, drinking iced tea, and taking cat naps. Heaven. Well, I lied. There IS one other thing that I obsessively do during the summer...go to concerts! How are you lovelies envisioning your summers?

Much Love!

P.S. Notice how my eyes are super squinty in that last photo? You can expect to see a lot more of that now that summer's started. I'm a photo squinter by nature, and it only gets worse when the suns out so I'm pretty much expecting to spend the next few months with my eyes closed. ;)


  1. Love this look on you, very casual and chic and you look ready fro summer! I love later nights, less responsibilities and a lot of pool/lake time!

    1. Thanks Meagan! Mmmm yes later nights, more adventures, and all around goofiness!