Weddings, Freakum Dresses, and Gentlemen!

{Target: dress; F21: belt similar, earrings similar; White House Black Market: crochet cardi similar; Charlotte Russe: shoes similar}
Every time I've worn an eyelet dress this year all I can think is, "no I did not get my eyelet dress at old navy". Not that there's anything wrong with Old Navy, it's just that they've played that airplane eyelet dress commercial so many times that it always gives me a chuckle when I wear an eyelet dress not from Old Navy. Does anyone know what commercial I'm even talking about here? Anyway, I got this particular dress at Target -the place were all paychecks go to die- and I'm totally loving it! Mostly because I wanted to feel hot today, and red just always does that for me. Ya feel me ladies? It's just one of those insta hot babe colors. Don't ask me why I wanted to feel extra pizzazy today because I honestly don't even know, I was just feelin' it. Anyone ever heard of that Beyonce song, "Freakum Dress"? Well, it's a song all about hot dresses, and as we all know Beyonce is the reigning diva of hot, so of course it makes perfect sense for her to sing about sassy dresses. Anyway, I guess I was just having a Freakum dress moment! :)

In other news, one of my very best friends from high school got married on Friday! It was so crazy and surreal! I'm so insanely happy for her! It's hard to believe that the whacky 15 year old I once knew is married now! Her reception was small and intimate but totally fun! For reasons not to be blogged about I felt it absolutely incumbent to bring a friend of the male variety to accompany me to the wedding. I ended up inviting a friend that I had actually just met the week before. I know, I know, you guys think that's totally weird right? Who invites somebody they've just met to their best friends wedding? Well, I'll tell you who, crazy weird little me. Weird is what weird does, and I'm a weird girl so it works. :) Anyway, the friend of the male variety was a total gentleman about the whole thing and just an all around fun guy to be around so it worked out perfectly!
 The bride and me!
The beautiful bride!
and, the absolutely adorable charm bracelet I got for being a bridesmaid!

Much love!


  1. Wow what a lovely bride and her wedding dress is quite beautiful. My friend got her wedding gown from WHBM and it was exquisite too. Love your earrings, they're pretty fab!

    1. Awww thanks girl!! It was a fun wedding for sure!


  2. You did a good job i realy appreciate your collection for hot clothing :