Barren Desert and the Greek system

{Target: dress similar; Gifts from my sister's trip to Guatemala: jade necklace, beaded bracelet, tribal print gladiator sandals borrowed from Allison}
I wore this outfit yesterday and meant to post it but I just never got around to it so first and foremost I would like to apologize to you homies for the dry as the middle of butt crack Egypt that has been my blog lately. It has been ten days since I last posted anything. TEN DAYS! I know. Pretty crazy. That's basically like the kiss of death for a blog but I just felt like I needed a hiatus from blogging, and social networks. Hopefully, there are still plenty of you guys still interested in reading after ten days of butt crack Egypt barrenness. What does one do exactly when one takes a hiatus from social media you ask? Discover that one of your favorite shows from the teen years is now up on Netflix and have a marathon, that's what. In my high school days I had a set 'post school day' routine. It involved coming home and making myself a couple PB&J's and settling down in front of my parents TV to watch two solid hours of ABC Family before forcing myself to buckle down to tackle the mounds of AP homework I had. Yes. I realize how nerdy that sounds. TV and AP homework? BUT, guys come on, who didn't have an obsession with Gilmore Girls, right? Plus, I mean, I made up for the serious laziness that was the first two quarters of the school year by running Track and Field and playing Tennis in the Spring so it balanced out. At least that's how I justified my ABC Family addiction. ;) Anyway, that brings me to the second show I watched during my two solid hours of ABC Family watching during high school: Greek. Did any of guys watch it too? Or am I alone in my love of this series? 

Anyway, it follows the lives of a few college kids in the Greek system. More specifically this girl who has two totally babe-ilicious guys vying for her love. Top left and bottom right. They're just your typical no goal degenerate and rich law school bound prep. Of course drama ensues, and she ultimately ends up with the no goal hippie degenerate because he finally decides on a future and wins her over. Anyway, somewhere in the middle of the series she starts dating this hot science nerd who is just about the nicest, most romantic guy around. When I first watched the series I hated this guy like no other. I couldn't stand the sight of him. This time around, though, he's my favorite of her male suitors. I mean, I always used to have a thing for the blond "all-american" prep types like male numero dos on the bottom right up there, and I even once had a "thing" (whatever the crap a "thing" even is) with a looser degenerate type, but lets not even discuss that because that has now been filed under the "temporary insanity, learn from and never think of again" file. Anyway, re-watching the series has got me thinking that maybe what I need  to go for now is the hot nerd type. I mean, they're usually the sweetest guys right? Or maybe I'm just dreaming and believing way too much in the fantasy land that is television. Who knows. Maybe I should just keep going for the chivalrous preps that have been my type for the past six years. Stick to what you know? Eh? Who knows. Maybe this whole "type" thing is just overrated anyway, and I should just sit back and let karmic synergy do it's thing and let myself be swept off my feet by whoever is right for me regardless of what stereotype he falls under. BUT no more looser degenerate types for this girl, that's for dang sure. I mean, hello, this girl's getting married in the temple! ;)

Much Love!

P.S. Yesterday it was one month exactly since my grandma passed away. Has missing her gotten any easier? No. Not at all. Some days my mind will play tricks on me and tell me that everything's ok, that she's just in Guatemala still just a phone call away. Then, I remember that she's not and my heart aches all over again. Wretched, stupid little brain of mine. Tricking me and shiz. I mean, I know my brain is just trying to make me feel better but I wish it would just stop. My brain sucks at comforting. Ya hear that, little guy? You suck at comforting so just stop trying. And, yes, I just called my brain a he and spoke to him as if it's a separate entity from me. Aww well, I mean, if my brain is going to be it's own being it might as well be a little guy, right? I mean, why not? It has gotten easier having a heart full of gladness so that I can live a life that she would be proud of, though. 
Sigh...she was gorgeous wasn't she? And this isn't even her in her prime. 

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