Haters gonna hate...

You guys, naps can seriously be a cure all to a bad day. Today was my first day back at work since my grandma passed. I arrived at work feeling a little gloomy, despite the major cheering up my sister and friends had given me over the weekend. I don't know why I was feeling like a Debbie downer but like I said in my last post grieving is just a strange thing. Either way, I went into work feeling like a lot of emotion had somehow resurfaced and was weighing down on my heart. The work day progressed pretty normally and wasn't actually too bad until the very last hour. Some comments were made to me by a coworker that just completely derailed my already on edge emotions. This negative exchange with a completely unsympathetic coworker brought to mind the saying, "if you have nothing kind to say, don't say anything at all". I mean, really why waste so much energy on hurting others when you can use less energy on saying something kind and uplifting? OR, if you really have nothing kind at all to say, especially to someone who is grieving, why not waste no energy by not saying anything at all? I try to go through life blindly loving my fellow men, which I realize isn't the smartest thing but I really try to see the good in everybody no matter how small. I've never found it more challenging than in this instance. Anyway, after getting home from work and having a long teary talk with my sister I was able to rationalize the situation and calm down enough to take a nap. Best decision of the day, let me tell ya. Naps can seriously give some major perspective. I calmed down, felt better, and realized that maybe my hyper sensitive emotions had maybe dramatized the situation, and after all, haters gonna hate. Right? Right. So I'll just let the haters hate and the potatoes potate. BUT...guys, if I'm this emotional now I hate to imagine how insanely emotional I'll be when ever it is that I get pregnant. Ha! That poor, poor fellow that will have to put up with me. ;)

Anyway, how about we move on to more cheerful topics and recap the Vegas trip I had with my lovely lovely sister and two best friends! We spent Saturday and Sunday in Vegas just shopping, sight seeing, fine dining, swimming, tanning, and celebrating my sister's 23rd birthday, which is coming up in 3 days!
We started off the trip with a pit stop in St. George at a deeeeelicious bubble tea and smoothie joint called Orange Peel!

We shopped for about a million gazillion hours before checking into our hotel, the VDara, and totally crashing on the ridiculously cozy bed before very slowly changing into our "hot stuff" night life getup!

The above mentioned "hot stuff" night life getup!

We had dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant across the street at the Aria. I have to say, I think the part we all enjoyed most was the bread dipped in oil and vinegar. We like bread. Maybe a little too much. Oh well. 

We goofed around a bit and attempted to strike "serious" model poses but ended up looking a little more like pouty constipated vampires. ;)

We arrived back at the hotel where we had this INcredible view!

All in all we had a fabulous time celebrating this lovely lady's day of birth!

There were so many other fun filled moments spent swimming and just plain old goofing around but I think I've entertained you all long enough. ;)

AND...At the end of the day there are always going to be naysayers and negative people in the world but the important part is to appreciate and fully value loving family, good friends, and unshakable faith! Cheers to lasting and loving friendships and family!

Much love!


  1. Oh, how I LOVE this blog! You're such a talented writer. You documented our trip so well. I literally laughed out loud at the part about constipated vampires ha I must say we are 4 dang cute girls. I love the pics of you and Ro on the bed. I'm sorry work was so lame. Cheers to good family and friends!
    P.S. I get inspiration from the things you mention about your lovely grandmother on how to be a better person. Thanks for sharing! Love you!

    1. Beautiful Alisha, I just love you. Simple as that. You're the best!


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  3. That's such a sweet post. You are right - there will always be people who have to infuse our life with some negativity. But keep your head up and don't worry about them... they are the ones with miserable life.


    1. Aww thank you Anna! You're just the sweetest! Completely agreed, I just need to keep on keepin' on! Thanks for your sweet comment!