Miss you, miss you.

My first memories of you start when I'm about two years old. I remember I used to beg to sleepover at your house almost every night. I remember that you never used to sleep very much so you'd always be up and about late at night. I'd creep out of bed and sneak over to the kitchen where I'd find you doing dishes, and I'd snuggle up close to you and offer to help.

I remember that in the morning when I'd sit and wait for Mom and Dad to pick me up you would teach my tiny three year old fingers how to hold a pencil and write cursive i's. I remember how in the years later, when you would visit me, you would stand in my room and sing me to sleep. No matter how long it took. I remember how you bought me a book full of Cuentos de Ada (Fairy Tales). I remember how I made you read me every single one until I had them almost memorized.

I remember how we used to play guessing games and riddles in the car. I remember how you used to love sweets more than any other type of food. I guess that's where I got my sweet tooth. I remember how you used to buy me little trinkets and jewelry because you knew I was just as coquettish as you. I remember how you always loved to give, give, and give. Even when you had nothing else left to give. I remember how much you loved people, and how much they loved you. How you where able to seemingly make best friends in a mere few minutes.

I remember how you where able to find beauty and value in absolutely everything and everyone. I remember how much you loved nature, most especially the mountains and flowers. I remember how much you loved to learn. You were always trying to improve your mind and learn something new. I remember what a faithful woman you were, and what an example your unshakable faith was to me. I remember how you dearly loved to hear me and my sisters laugh, and how you would join in with us in our laughter even if you didn't know what we were laughing about. For that I have to remember to always laugh. Most of all, I remember how much you loved me and how much I loved YOU.  

Till we meet again, 

Your devoted granddaughter 


  1. This is beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss <3

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com

    1. Thank you Lara! I appreciate your comment!