The Jack of All Trades

{Ross: chiffon top similar; Charlotte Russe: maxi skirt; custom leather sandals, beaded ring, and bracelet c/o my little sister's trip to our homeland Guatemala!} 
As I was going through my blog feed this morning and reading my favorite blog's newest posts I got to thinking about the term "jack of all trades". There are so many bloggers and just regular women out there that seem to have this whole "jack of all trades" thing in the bag. Am I a jack of all trades? Ha! Don't make me laugh. ;) I mean, I so wish I was. I wish I could be one of those bloggers who could teach you all how to turn a piece of cucumber into a mouth watering apple pie or build a perfectly stylish and hipsteresque picture frame out of a couple of twigs you found in your backyard, or one of those bloggers who could lure you all in with professional looking, thought provoking, heartachingly, gorgeous photos of my totally "fabulous" life but I'm not. Not to mock the wonderful abilities of those bloggers out there who can, I mean they're great and totally awesome, but that's just not me. Like I said, I so wish. Any who, it got me wondering about the things that I am good at. What is it that I bring to the table for this blog of mine? I came up with this list of things that I am good at and that have always come naturally to me.
  1. reading
  2. writing
  3. drawing
  4. playing piano/cello
  5. running
  6. imagining 
  7. dressing myself
Out of the seven things I thought up of on the spot only three are things that I can actually share with you guys. I mean, reading? It's not exactly like I can sit all of you out there who follow this blog of mine down and read Harry Potter (Yes, I'm a Harry Potter nerd. Judge if you must.) to you. I can't exactly give you all a piano or cello performance either, not that I think I'd even really want to either. :) I guess with the whole running thing I could share running or fitness tips, which I had originally started off wanting to do on this blog but I just haven't really gotten around to actually doing it. Now, for the three things that I think I actually could share with you guys: writing, dressing myself, and imagining. Writing is something that I just simply adore. I always have. I love being able to share a story through written word. I mean, words are powerful little suckers! I just love it. Anyway, seeing as I've made this blog a personal style/fashion blog my ability to dress myself comes in pretty handy, wouldn't you say? ;) Last but not least, imagination. I've always had an imagination the size of an elephant, which comes in handy when coming up with topics to write about, putting together outfits, and just basically everything else in my life. Anyway, I guess that's what I bring to the table when it comes to my blog...but oh! I missed one thing: humor! Well, I think so anyway...I don't know what you guys think. ;) I think my particular brand of humor is a little unconventional, though. Growing up I was always the goofy one with my siblings. I did crazy/funny things and I said crazy/funny things. I used to be able to get my sisters to choke on and spit up their drinks out of sheer laughter with a single look or key word. Don't believe me? Just ask my older sister about the time she laughed so hard coca-cola came out of her nose. ;) The thing is that if you asked my parents if I'm funny they'd both probably say no. I think it's just because my funniness stems from my weirdness and not everybody sees it and understands it. My funniness I mean, because heavens knows my weirdness is pretty evident to anybody who knows me. The one place I do feel like my humor is a little more universal, though, is this blog. I find it easier to express my humor to the masses when it's written rather than when I say it out loud. Go figure. Anyway, if you're looking for a little more than fashion ideas or funny tidbits of thought then I guess you're at the wrong place, but I certainly hope  you're not! ...but if you do want to know how to turn a piece of cucumber into deliciously warm apple pie, turn a pile of sticks from your yard into something totally awesome, and/or look at totally fabulous photos that will make even a brick wall look cool check out these two ladies blogs: Sara over at Chalk White Arrow and the totally adorable and sweet Hunter at Hunter's Dialogues!

Much love!