25 Things Girls Say...and Oh Mickey You're so Fine!

Top of the mornin' to yeh lovely readers. Although, I guess it's not really morning anymore. Oh, well! So Buzzfeed compiled a list of 25 of our "best" phrases as the female species. The list is pretty hilarious and I know its meant to poke fun at the insane things girls say but I figure, "hey, if we're going to bleed and feel like we've got an alien tearing its way out of us a la Prometheus for about 5 days a month AND we have to carry the responsibility of birthing other little humans than we reserve the right to say crazy things. If we want to say, "guuuuys!", "could you do me a huge favor?", "my feet hurt", or "I kind of want a hot dog" then we bloody well should be able to! Not that I condone "I am woman. Me bear children. Me do whatever me wants" type of behavior either. I mean, just because we carry the future generations of the world on our shoulders doesn't mean we get an automatic free pass to be little whiny beasties. ;) I''m totally feeling number 7 on the list of 25 things girls say, though! Take a look fer yerselves! 

{Gap: jeans similar; F21: sandals similar; Mickey Mouse Tee: inherited from my little brother; Watch: borrowed from my little brother}
I don't know about you guys but I'm SOOOO over summer. I'm sick of the nasty nasty heat heat. Yes, the heat is so nasty that describing it required going back to 3 year old talk and saying it twice. I'm sick of wearing sandals that make the soles of my feet look so black that I might as well have been walking around bare foot. I'm sick of being constantly sweaty, and I'm sick of burning my butt every time I sit down in a car. I know, I know, I blogged so much about how excited I was for summer but then life happened and this summer just ended up sucking a lil bit. Ja feel? Plus, I'm just sooooo excited for fall, no matter how cliche girl that makes me sound! I ordered two pairs of booties from Go Jane and I'm literally dying to wear the crap out of them!! Plus, I just got two pairs of jeans from gap ($13 and $19!!!) that are just amaze-balls and look perfect with the aforementioned booties!! Fall, oh favorite season of mine, come quickly!! How are you guys feeling about the summer? Oh, and on a side note, who needs thrifting when you've got a little brother? I stole this mickey tee, from his 8 year old days, cut the sleeves and the collar off and voila cool new graphic tee for free! 

Much Love! 

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  1. Your blog is the cutest! Found you on Because Shanna Said So.


    1. Aww thanks Jen!! Yay, for link ups right?! :)