Body, Brain, and Spirit

This week my body has been a little butt butt. It'll wake up at it's usual hour of 6 o'clock fine and dandy but when I try to tell it to actually physically get OUT of bed to go on it's run and cross train it simply refuses. Now before I move on any further with what I'm about to say I have to explain something. You know that whole body and spirit thing? How most people, with the exception of some non-religious folk, believe that the body and spirit are two separate things? Well, I believe that too but I take it just a step farther. Now, this isn't a religious belief or anything this is just one of my crazy Allexis-isms (Yes. I just made that term up just now. But I mean I make up so many random phrases and have so many random thoughts that it only makes sense to categorize them all under the term "Allexis-isms".) I like to think that there's my BODY, my BRAIN, and ME. Sooo, I talk to each of those things as separate little entities. I know. I know. I sound certifiably insane, right? I know what you're all thinking, "this creep creep talks to her body, her brain, and herself"?! Well, maybe I am crazy but I mean when I start getting a crazy eye twitch or something to ME it only makes sense to yell, "Brain, tell our stupid eyeball to quit twitching like a fish in the middle of the Sahara". If the eye twitch stops then I say, "Good job Brain. Show that eyeball who's boss", if it doesn't stop then I say, "Brain, you little idiot. I TOLD you to tell the eyeball to QUIT twitching. Hurmph. Nobody in this bodily system of mine ever listens to me"! Anyway, now that I've explained that we can move on with the story...that is if I haven't scared all of you  readers away with my crazy thoughts.

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So back to the story. Like I said earlier, my body has been a little poop poop this whole week and has been wanting to refuse any form of its usual exercise which has been greatly annoying me since just last week it did SO well. Anyway, this is the gist of my conversation with my brain this morning, which for the purpose of telling you guys this story lets call my brain Timmi. Why of all names do I choose Timmi as the name for my brain you ask? Well, because Timmi just sounds like an adorable name and I'd like to think my brain is an adorable little sucker. ;) Anyway, back on track. Conversation with Timmi this morning:
ME: -opens eyes and stretches- Oh, hey look! Little Roku (my puppy)  is sleeping on my bed. Wonder when he got there? Oh, that's right mom brought him up around 4:30. What a cutie. Well, I guess it's time to get up and change into my running gear. Ya hear that, Timmi? Time to sound the alarm. Tell the Body to get up.
TIMMI: Ok...the Body says no.
ME: What do you mean the Body says no?? We've got miles to run and weights to lift. We've got a strict half-marathon training schedule to follow!
TIMMI: The body just says no, and that's that. The Legs are tired from the speed workout yesterday and they don't want to move unless it involves going downstairs to get some animal cookies...
ME: Ooooo, animal cookies?! That does sound tempting...but no. We've got to get up and run. Body, forget Timmi. She sucks at giving orders. I command you to get up and change into our running gear.
ME: I hate you.
ME: Just kidding. I take that back. You're pretty great Body but you're being a real jerk lazy toot toot.

Anyway, needless to say I didn't get up and run I just rolled over and read blogs till 8 in the morning but whatev's. I guess I should cut my body some slack. I mean, it is riding the crimson wave, hosting the red devil, playing kickball with my uterus, or whatever other fancy phrase you want to use to describe a period.
And on that lovely, non disgustingly informative note...

Much Love! ;)


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    1. Aww thanks Abigail! :) Oh, definitely I'll go check it out now!