An Oompa Loompa and a Half

Hey kids! Ok, no. That's weird. I shouldn't call you all kids. Heeeeeey...peeps, homies, dogs, compadres, home skillets. Ok. I'll stop. Anyway, welcome. Before we get started on yet another edge of your seat exciting story about how I got to this point in time where I'm an odd little fashion blogger, lets talk about the changes you may have noticed here at LCF. (That's the cool little abbreviation that I literally just invented for Life of a Coy Fish ;) As you may have noticed there have been small upgrades to this little page of mine. I changed my little photo to the left over there and the information underneath. AND I added new tabs up top! Check them out if you're new 'round these parts and/or if you just want to learn some more interesting lil' things about me. I promise you a handful of giggles and entertainment if you do! I'm pretty proud of my work if I do say so myself. Let me know what y'all think. Ok, seriously, I don't know why I'm talking like a southern belle gangsta who thinks she's British and just so thug. I'll try to stop. Promise. Lets get to the story telling kids, buckle yer seatbelts and settle in! Yee diddly haw! Sorry. Now I just sound like a creepy cowboy bus driver who might secretly think she's a pirate. To the story!

The other day I was at the DMV renewing my license. I was just there having a lil' bit of trouble comfortably reaching the countertop on which I was supposed to be filling out my paperwork. Anyway, I fill out my hair color, eye color, and weight when I reach the part about height. I figure, hey, it's been 5 years since I officially measured myself why not do it again. Ya know, to see if I've grown a bit? I head on over to the measuring wall and look at the line that marks five feet and think to myself, "pshh, well that's pretty low. There's no way I'm only three inches taller than that. I'm DEFinitely taller than 5'3 by now. I'll clear that easily. In fact, that 6 feet mark is looking pretty friendly. Yupp. I think I'll reach the 6 line now. Easy." Ha, I was functioning under some MAJOR DMV delusions because when I straightened myself up all nice and proud thinking, "in fairness, once I reach that 6 mark I should probably deduct a little bit for my shoes", I realized that I barely cleared 5'3. Not including my "shoe deduction". I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe some part of me was hoping I had finally accomplished one if my childhood goals. 

 {Target: black peplum top similarwallet; F21 skirt similar; Charlotte Russe: heels similar; Banana Repbulic: belt similar here in a set of two!}

You see, when I reached the tender age of 12 I wanted so badly to be tall. I thought I was in my growing prime and that I had the potential to grow to be 5'10. Why did I care so much you ask? For a few reasons. 

1-I wanted to win Miss Universe for Guatemala sooooo badly. You see, my country had never won the crown. I wanted them to have at least one win and I thought if I grew tall enough I could do it. I know. I had strange aspirations as a child. I guess I was just like one of those mega fit Chinese Olympians that just really, really want to bring honor to their country. Except instead of doing it incredible athlete style I planned on doing it pageant style. 
2-For some reason I thought if I grew to be a mega giant I would make my parents insanely proud. Like it'd be some huge dishonor to my family name if I didn't grow to be 6'4. I don't know what my obsession with honor was. I think maybe I thought I was Mulan or something. 
3-My grandma once told me at some point in my childhood that my arms looked long and that meant I would be tall. I think my arms probably just looked twiggy and therefore deceivingly long. Either way, it got my hopes up that I'd be 7ft tall. 

Anyway, as you all know I didn't get to be 7ft, or 6'4, or 5'10. I peaked at 5'3. Not short enough to be considered dainty and cute but not anywhere NEAR tall enough to be a glamazon. I think part of me has always harbored secret height delusions. Part of my personality is my hidden annoyance that I'm neither very tall or very small. I'm just half way short. An Oompa Loompa and a half if you will. Well, there ya have it. Another "Am I Even Funny" life story that somewhat explains why I am the way I am and contributes to the overall larger picture of why I'm here blogging about fashion. How do you guys feel about your height? Good? Bad? Happy? Sad? 

Much love!

P.S. This is the third time I've styled this skirt on this blog already. It was money well spent those 6 years ago when my awesome older sister bought it for me simply because she felt I HAD to have it. Also, I spy with my little eye my little sisters' reflection in the photos above. ;)


  1. You look so cute! I love this skirt. That reminds me of the time that I went to the DMV to renew my license. They asked how tall I was and I told them. Then they asked my weight. I told her. I didn't look at the ID properly until I got in the car. She added 25 lbs onto what I told her. UGH!!


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    1. Thanks Amy!! Ugh, that really sucks and how rude! The lady was probably just a lil jealous of how small your weight was!!