Best Friends (and other mishaps)

 "Do you know what sucks about getting older? Your friends have known you way too long, they got too much on you. I want friends who still lie to me because they don't want to hurt my feelings." -New Girl. Oh friendship, such a beautiful thing aint it? Be warned that I'm about to get all Kumbaya on your butts, BUT before I do I have to make something clear. I'm the type of friend who will lie to you because I don't want to hurt your feelings. No matter how long we've been friends. Just ask my older sister. She no longer trusts my opinions on things very much because she knows that I'll always tell her things are sunshine and daisies and that yes she looks fabulous just to avoid hurting her feelings. I just hate hurting people's feelings. It makes me feel all yucky. Plus, what's the harm in telling someone that no, their slightly messy hair doesn't look bad, it looks fabulous? Nothing, I think. I'm just boosting people up. Right? Right?? People hear enough rejection on a day to day basis anyway so I figure there's nothing wrong with telling people what they want to hear every now and then. Or always. Yes, I'm not dumb, I see the gaping flaws in my sunshine and daisies way of thinking but old habits die hard people!! Anyway, onto the Kumbaya, share s'mores around the campfire discussion on friendship that's about to ensue! Aren't you all so thrilled that we're back to my mini biography here? ;)

My first best friend ever was my older sister Allison. I remember one time when I was about two or three going to preschool in Guatemala I was sitting in my classroom during recess eating my snack. I don't know why I wasn't outside with the other kids but for whatever reason I had elected to eat my snack in the classroom. As I was in the classroom eating, one of the boys in my class came in and started teasing me about the food my mom had packed for me as my snack. Who knows why, but at that moment Allison showed up and basically told the kid to shove off. As cheesy as it sounds (I warned you I'd be getting all Kumbaya on you) that was the moment that I realized that Allison wasn't just my older sister, she was my pal, my sissy, my best friend. Then of course two more siblings came into the picture and we all just kind of became insta best friends. In the wise words of my baby brother, "We're not friends. We're brother and sister. We're more than friends. We're more than enemies."  I swear he actually said that and actually came up with it in his own brain. Outstanding, right? The kid never ceases to impress me with his Yoda like wisdom.

Throughout Elementary School I had a plethora of different friends here and there. No friendship that really qualified induction into the best friendship hall of fame. That is, until 5th grade and enter a one Lindsey B. The new girl in the school and somehow the one who managed to unite an unlikely group of five girls. We weren't the cool girls by any stretch of the imagination. I mean, we read books obsessively and imagined up odd little games to play during recess hours. We were the bookish creative types. Our little friendship of five had an untimely death, though. As in the friendship died, no literal deaths here. Lindsey B. moved away at the end of 5th grade and the rest of us entered the 6th grade separated into different classrooms. Of course, all that was nothing compared to the on coming friendship killer that is prepubescence. Oh, hormones. Sly little friendship killers.
Anyway, fast forward to a P.E. class in the 9th grade. The class that introduced me to my high school best friend and possibly the best friend that's had the biggest influence on my personality. A little rascal otherwise known as Angelica. I can't even remember how it was that we ended up meeting and talking to each other, maybe our mutual weirdness just drew us in? Who knows. The thing about Angelica is that she is SUPER out spoken. She will say precisely what is on her mind precisely when it crosses it. No reservations. She is the complete opposite of shy, so in other words she was the complete opposite of my young teenage self. It was exactly what my fourteen year old self needed. She taught me how to break through my shy bubble and *gasp* talk to people I didn't know! High school with this chica was so ridiculously fun. We'd walk through the halls giggling, mmm no giggling isn't quite the right word. Angelica doesn't giggle. We'd walk through the halls boisterously laughing at the weirdest things. I tempered some of her more extreme opinions and she taught me how to be more outspoken. She had my back through all of the weird little ventures I'd shove us into due to my MAJOR crush on a boy we cleverly nicknamed "Frosted Flakes". Ya know, cause Frosted Flakes are "grrrrrrreat!" and he was most definitely "grrrrreat!" Clearly we were major cheese balls. Our Sophomore year she was right there next to me at EVERY. SINGLE. DANCE. as I waited to see if Frosted Flakes would make his appearance. I don't think he ever did. I guess dance's weren't his thing. Typical. She was there to text me how incredibly stupid I was when one day after tennis practice one of the soccer cuties gave me his jacket while I waited for my ride and I...wait for it...gave it BACK when my ride got there oh, about a minute later. Even HE was surprised at my lack of a brain in flirty situations. Anyway, without this girl I'd probably still be ridiculously quiet and reserved. 

{Ross: Pooh Bear sweater, cute Disney character options here, here, and here; H&M: corduroy skirt similar, black sheer tights; Go Jane: faux suede booties similar; Watch: borrowed from my brother similar}
Now, in my early twenties I'm lucky enough to have best friended the two girls who are making the roaring twenties so...roaring! A couple of giggly girls known as Romina and Alisha. These ladies are just incredible. Together we can be goofy, serious, funny, and/or weird. Romina and I both perpetually live in the clouds so when it's just the two of us there's generally a lack of attention to the outside world which gets us into awkward situations. Like being offered weed in exchange for train fare. True story. Luckily the guy who was trying to strike up this deal with us got so frustrated with our "whats?" and "huhs?" that he left us alone. Ours is the type of friendship that we can look at each other and start hysterically laughing for no other apparent reason than we both obviously think the others face is funny looking. Alisha, on the other hand is the person that gets the quiet, reserved, shy, and prudish side of me perfectly. With this chica there's no need to pretend that I'm not just a nerdy, weird, serial non-dater. Not to mention the fact that for some reason my brain seems to think everything that she says is pure comedic gold. Seriously. She could say what's up and I would crack up. Well, that's my Kumbaya shpeel about life changing best friends and the fact that "friendship is like wetting your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you feel the true warmth."
"We're weirdos. But that's who we are and that's fine."-New Girl (Yeah. I know. I quote this show way too much.)

Much Love!

P.S. (I know. This post is already longer than a 90's saggy mom butt, so why the heck am I adding a post script? Trust me. It's needed.) This skirt cost me a whole 5 buckeroos! Whammo! How awesome is that? Also, I know this look is 100% fall but it was an extremely windy, overcast, and slightly rainy day so I figured it'd be perfectly acceptable to go full on fall. Oh, and ha! I tricked ya! That wasn't a needed post script at all. ;)

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  1. Your Pooh shirt is so cute!! And I'm also the kind of people who shys away from harsh or unnecessary honesty. Sometimes saying something else than the strict truth can make someone's day a little better!