Good JuJu

Lets take a break today from the mini biography I've been boring you all with. ;) I have some thoughts that have been pressing on my mind as of late that keep begging me to share them. This summer was kind of a hard one with the passing of my grandma. Saying goodbye is always so very hard, even knowing that it isn't permanent. Compartmentalizing the ache of missing someone into a manageable crevice of your heart is hard but once you manage it the day to day gets easier. The focus shifts from, "they'll never get to see me do this or that", or "they won't be there when this or that happens", to, "maybe they won't be there in person when this or that happens but they will be there, and they'll be rooting for me every step of the way".

The other day when I was writing up this post about Peter Pan I came across this quote that completely touched my heart.
Those who love us never stop loving us even after they've passed through the veil of death and they're never far out of reach. What a comfort. 

Anyway, on to the thoughts I was having! Last Thursday I went to The Twilight Concert Series with a group of my best friends. We went to see Ludacris even though 90% of our little group had only ever heard, oh, about one of his songs. I think we mostly went because most of us are concert addicts and we just plain old like each others company. Anyway, the concert ended up being a bust. We ended up ducking out early to go to a belguim waffle restaurant across the street. Despite the not so great concert the night ended up being pretty fabulous anyway. Waffles and friends? So fun.

 {H&M: top similar, skirt similar; Steve Madden: shoes similar; Banana Republic: belt similar}
Anyway, after waffles we all hopped into our car -a Suzuki Sidekick- pulled the roof down and drove off into the night. As I sat in the backseat of the car, in the company my friends, with the warm summer night breeze gently tickling my cheeks and brushing my hair back into the starlight night I just felt so overwhelmed with a sense of peace. A peace that made me feel that, even though things had been hard the past few months (or years), there was so much ahead of me. In that moment of perfect tranquility on a summer's night I was overcome with the knowledge that I have so many incredible people that love and appreciate me, I'm young, and there's just so much living left to do and I need to enjoy that. I just felt this warm sensation in my heart that things would start falling into place. Maybe not in the exact way or time that I want but that things would work out. It's funny how moments of such perfect tranquility and clarity can come at such unexpected moments. I'm happy for the feeling of hopefulness, though, because it helped me realize that things have and do always work out. Maybe not always as quickly or in the way that I would like them to but they always have a way of working out. In the meantime, I need to enjoy these moments in my life when I'm young, and relatively free so that five, six, seven, or ten years down the road I can look back at these fun moments spent in the company of friends and know that I enjoyed every minute of it and not have any regrets about squandered youth. Well, those are my thoughts for you. Here's to feelings of good juju! Ja feel?

Much Love!

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  1. that dress and those shoes LOOOOOVE!

  2. Your curls are lovely, and your shoes, too. It's so hard to live through losing someone you love so much--and to be able to keep going with life, because you have to.

    1. Thanks Rachel!! It definitely is hard. Thanks for your comment!