Netflix (and other addictions)

Hello my dearest home skillets. Yupp, I still have a little of my thug talk left over from Sunday, only this time it has more of a British flair. ;) Today's story will be about a strapping young man who passed on his love and taste for good movies and television onto his even more strapping children. ;) Yupp, you guessed it, I'm talking about my pops. As kids instead of spending time 'round the fire, my siblings and I would spend our evenings thus; first we would eat dinner together while our parents encouraged us to have intellectual talk and then we would gather round the tele (say tele like the Brits would. It's fun.) for an episode of a Spanish Telenovela (Soap Opera). Some of my fondest childhood memories spent with my dad are ones when we're watching movies. 

Like that one time when I was 6 and he let my older sister and me watch a horror movie about a killer bear. It taught us to be tough. If we admitted we were scared we would've been marched off to bed instantly, so we sat like statues pretending to be brave. That night I had nightmares but I was never scared of monsters in my room ever again and scary movies just weren't as scary anymore. Or that other time when I was about 8 and we watched "Fools Rush In", starring Salma Hayek and the guy from Friends, for the hundredth time and consequently major family drama ensued. The time when I was 12 and we all stayed up super late as he taught us about the best movie trilogy ever, Back to the Future (second only to Star Wars of course). We watched all three back to back. 
I love TV. I love movies. No shame here, guys. I used to figure, as long as I spent most of the day being social, working, exercising, and/or involving myself in other activities who cared if I watched a "couple" of episodes of TV series now and then? Enter Netflix and the downfall of any productivity began. At first it was just an "ooo they have one of my favorite movies on here! I'll watch when I get a minute", then it turned into, "Sigh...I loved that movie. Oh look! They've got Buffy the Vampire Slayer on here!" From there it turned into, "Must. Watch. Every. Episode. Of. EVERY. Season." AND then from there it turned into watching Mulan and Thumbelina. I mean, I know they're awesome movies ("Dishonor on you! Dishonor on ya cow! Dishonor on ya whole family!" Best Mulan quote ever.) but come on now guys, I'm watching kids movies here. KIDS movies. I'm even actually seeking out new TV series to watch on the bloody thing. It's a full blown apocalypse. Apocalypse.  

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Don't be little liars, though, guys. I know that as you poke fun at my Netflix addiction you're secretly closing the app on your phone. ;) Was that poor blogger etiquette? Yeah, it's probably considered poor taste to call your readers little liars and imply that they're as creepy as you. Anyway, other than the fact that I went completely AWOL watching nonstop Netflix for a day there, I'm proud to say I'm back on track. I can proudly say that 90% of my day is being spent occupying myself with the activities mentioned above. I'm clean guys! I'm clean! Says the girl who's about to ask you guys to share your Netflix favorites. Without further ado, what are you loving on Netflix right now? Comment below or shoot me an email! My newest poison is "White Collar". It's basically about the hottest man you will ever see who also happens to be a completely bad a$* genius. Look at him.
Do you need any further explanation? I think not. Now go watch the first episode and get hooked! There's a shirtless scene and I can promise that his abs are just about as chiseled as his cheek bones. 

Much love! 

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  1. You're welcome;) whit collar best show ever

    1. I don't know about whit collar but White Collar definitely is the best. ;)

    2. im just typo prone its not my fault!!!