Happy, happy birthday to my wonderful pops! It's kind of awesome that this year his birthday happened to fall on a holiday, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to celebrate it all together.

I'm so glad for September the second, without it I wouldn't have this wonderful guy to call my dad. In more ways than one he's the perfect man to be the father of three girls. First, he's the perfect mix of giant teddy bear and good humor that allowed for the moment captured above to happen. He's the type of dad that would do anything for his girls. He would move mountains to give us the world. When I say he's like a giant teddy bear, I mean it. He always wants a good hug or kiss. There have been many a times when all we had to do to get him to give us something we wanted was to give him a sincere kiss on the cheek. He's one of the sweetest most loving people that I've ever met. His temperament is perfect to patiently and happily live in an estrogen dominated home, especially a very fiercely independent, strong willed, and opinionated estrogen dominated home as ours. He's patient enough to put up with our outspoken and loud opinions. While our mom was the perfect combination of wit and cleverness that taught us to be the fierce independent women that we are my dad's soft personality was the perfect opposite of that. When the world didn't go our way and treated us badly my mom would teach us to have patience and toughen up, BUT my dad would always be there waiting on the sidelines to give us the comforting hug we needed and tell us that maybe the world wasn't giving us what we needed but HE would do anything he could to MAKE it. It isn't fair to everyone else to say that my dad is the best dad in the world so I won't say that, but I will say that my dad is the BEST dad for ME. 

Love you Dad, happy 46th!

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