All My Happy Feels

Hello loves! Is that annoying, to call you loves? Oh well, it sounded kinda like something a Brit would say and you all know how I feel about Brits so I obviously had to say it. Before we get started can I just quickly mention how peeved I am at my photo editor at the moment? For the last two posts my photos haven't been showing up with the quality enhancements I've made to the brightness/colors. Instead, they've been uploading all grainy and faded. Sigh...life is hard. ;) I'll figure out what's causing the problem soon enough, though! Anyway, I wore this little number for church yesterday and I lurved it. I'm sure there where a number of people in the congregation chuckling at the weird girl wearing plaid and pink, but if there where I didn't care because I felt FAAAAbulous. This lovely little skirt I inherited from my dear grandma is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I still need to get it brought in a little bit so it'll fit properly without pins but I know of no tailoring places in the area. Any of you Utah readers know of any good tailors in Salt Lake? If you do, email me asap please! Also, one of the perks of having curly hair is that if you brush out the curls, you get loose, fluffy, fifties style curls. Awesome on days when you're going for a retro look like I was going for today! You know that thought for a post that I have now already put off not once but twice? Well, it'll have to wait one more day. I was completely planning on discussing it today but my sister reminded me that I have a few other things to mention.

 {F21: plaid shirt similar; Charlotte Russe: nude heels similar; Skirt: inherited from my grandma similar}
Alright then, first things first. My little sister just put her LDS mission papers in and she should be receiving her call sometime in the next two weeks. EEK! She keeps trying to cajole me into being sad, but how can I be sad when she's going off on the Lord's errand? I'm mostly excited! Just think of the adventures and amazing experiences she'll have! I'm so very happy for her. The next item of exciting news is that my aunt is coming to visit from Guatemala on the 22nd! I'm DYING of happiness and if excitement where measured on a scale of completely dry to wet your pants, I'd be on the notch just above peeing my pants. She's also bringing her youngest daughter with her which I'm so elated about because I have yet to meet the little darling. I've only ever spoken with her through skype and if she's even half as adorable as she is over the computer than I'm positive that I'll never want to let her go. The last thing on my list of items to discuss is my little pup. His one year adoption date was two days ago. It's wild to think that he's already been with the family for a whole year. My family was never the dog loving type so to say that we never expected to own a dog, much less love one as much as we love our little guy, would be an understatement. He came into our lives at a time when our little family was bent with the burden of a thousand suns. This time last year my family and I where facing so many trials and so many tribulations. Solutions to these trials seemed impossible. Yet, we persevered.  Although there where times when our plates, that already felt fit to burst with burdens, where loaded with yet another problem we tried to plow onward each day with a perfect faith in Christ, God, and the gospel knowing that even though the odds seemed stacked against us all would be well. Our little pup came as the tiny little ray of brightness that we so needed at the time. Caring for him gave us something to take our minds off of the day to day struggles. Watching his tiny carefree self run about brightened our hearts, and most of all, feeling the way that he genuinely cared for each of us showed us that amidst the darkest of troubles there is still love all around. It's surprising to me how apt dogs are at reading emotions. During those difficult months last year and the months after my grandma passed this year it was surprising to me how well our little guy was able to read our emotions. Whenever he sensed one of us was having a particularly emotional day he would calmly stride up to us and gently rub his tiny little head against our ankles, as if to say, "Don't worry. It'll all be ok, because I love you." The journey from this time last year till now was one full of struggle and heartache, yet, without these experiences I don't know that my family and I would be as strong and united as we are. All these things where for our own good and experience. :)
Love this little face! Happy one year of adoption Roku!

Much Love!

P.S. After next post, which will be a little serious, I will get back to the silly jokes and light heartedness (yes, I totally just made up the word heartedness, sue me ;)! I realize I've been a little Intense Isabelle on you all lately, so it'll be time to get back to my silly antics. :)


  1. First - I LOVE the pink and plaid. And second - I don't mind a little seriousness now and then. Life can't be all fluff all the time, right? :)

  2. You look extra lovely in this outfit!!

  3. Super cute! I love the combo of the girly skirt and the more masculine plaid top...not that it's masculine on you, you know what I mean! And that view-oh my goodness! I wish I lived near mountains!

    1. Haha I get you girl! ;) Oh my, the mountains are my joy, especially this time of year!! Thanks for your sweet comment Jessica!


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