Alphabet Soup

Yo, yo, homies. Hey dizzle, dizzle. Haha, sorry, I don' know what that was. It just seemed like something a homie in stunna shades would say and that's kinda how I was feelin' in this here outfit...and now proper grammar has apparently gone down the drain. Never let me wear sneakers and beanies ever again guys, they turn me into some sort of creepy thug skater person...and I kinda like it. Any who, I got this lovely little letter t-shirt in the men's section of H&M. I just fell in love with the gradient colors of the letters and the scattered look of it so I figured, what the hay, who cares if this is meant for a fella. Plus, it has a scooped neck which makes it look a little less manly, and it's length and slight baggyness are super uber comfy. Which, I'm not usually one to care much about comfort when it comes to fashion but I did want to have a look that was more casual and comfy for those days when I just want to feel like I'm wearing a blankie. Let's discuss the fact that, minus my stunna shades, this outfit is entirely from H&M. Let's not discuss, though, how much money I needlessly spent the last couple of weeks at the lovely H&M.

{H&M: letter tee shirt cuter option here, leggings, sneakers, knit hat similar; Aldos: studded sunnies}
Let's play a quick round of 'never have I ever' shall we? I love that game. Alright, let's go. Never have I ever...
  1. discovered a bug bite on my butt...and then proceeded to cave in and scratch it because it was just so dang itchy. Yupp, never did that.
  2. attempted to get into a car that wasn't mine. All cars look so similar now a days...
  3. thrown up a little in my mouth and accidentally swallowed it
  4. found my pup walking around gleefully with an unmentionable from "that time of the month" in his mouth. Never ever happened before. Ever...
  5. called a number thinking it was my brother and proceeded to yell at the person on the other line about how he never picks up and why hasn't he done his chores, only to discover that I dialed the wrong number and was talking to a complete stranger. Never done that, cause that would be totally embarrassing. 
  6. used a leaf to wipe my nose while on a run because I didn't have any tissues on hand. Just tryin' to get in touch with my inner cave woman of old ya know...if that had ever happened...
  7. ended a business phone call with "kay, love you bye" instead of just "bye"
Well, that was fun wasn't it? We should play never have I ever more often. ;)

Much love!

P.S. I almost forgot! A close up on this awesome star ring I also got at H&M!

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