Autumnal Gladness

Top of the morning to you all! Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox, which means fall is officially here! I forgot to pay attention to the fact that since yesterday was the equinox the hours of the night and day where perfectly equal. I'm sad I forgot. However, I'm so very thrilled that Autumn is here at last. It's so refreshing to see the early signs of it's arrival beginning to show. When my little pup and I go on our morning walks, I'm starting to see that dash of warm orange, soft yellow, and fiery red that mark the leaves as they begin to fall. Of all the seasons, Autumn is by far my favorite. Even, though, Spring is typically associated with newness, for me it's Autumn that brings in that sense of fresh beginnings. The trees are shedding the year's leaves in a burst of bright glory, making way for their winter hibernation and the new year that is to follow. Just as we ourselves are reflecting on the year's memories and experiences and beginning to shed the leaves of the past year to make way for the new one. I love that the colors of Autumn denote a warmness that isn't necessarily felt physically. I've always associated fall with warmth even though the air has that wonderfully fresh quality that can't be described as anything other than crisp. The warmness of fall comes rather from the feelings of cheer from the anticipation of the upcoming holidays and the colors of the trees than from actual physical warmth.
For me, autumn is the world's invitation to join it in turning over a new leaf, to spin the memories of the last year into leaves of beautifully bright proportions and just when they're at their brightest to let them go, let them fall away and be carried off with the wind. Already, seeing the fiery crimson and the glittering gold of the leaves is filling my heart, lungs, and every pore of my being with a hope, warmth, and cheerfulness that can't be described as anything other than Autumn. This year, more than any other, I want to fully take in and appreciate the beauty that is Autumn. This was one of my grandma's favorite seasons of all. As I was walking my dog this morning I was fondly remembering how my grandma had a talent of aptly and colorfully describing each season and the joy/appreciation she felt for each of them. Fall being one of her favorites, and one that she only got to experience when she was here with us in the states, she would come in every afternoon after her walk full of raptures about how marvelous the trees looked. As I was thinking on these memories, for a moment, my heart ached for her but then I thought to myself that because she isn't here to experience this season for herself I need to enjoy it all the more for the both of us. Whenever my grandma was out enjoying nature she always remarked how she felt closer to God.
When I get to experience these views for myself out on my runs, I too feel closer to my Heavenly Father. When I look out over the peaks of the mountains I find it difficult to deny the existence of a God. My heart is full.
The world is fresh. The world is good.  The world is GLAD. Happy Autumn!

Much love!


  1. Fall is definitely here! (As I sit at home, wrapped tightly in a blanket because of the chill). I like your attitude toward the new season!