The Marshall of all Games

As I was putting on my outfit this morning, and totally digging it, I noticed something about it that kind of irritated me. Not all shades of black are created equally, and it's super annoying. The fact that my sweater and my leggings aren't both the exact same shade of black is one of those mildly annoying things that will bother me the whole day. The funny thing is it really isn't all that noticeable to the naked eye, unless you're neurotic like me, or in any of the photos except in the one above.  Why can't all black clothing be the EXACT same shade? I think there should be some sort of clothing making rule that regulates what shades of black can be used when making clothes. That way when we want to wear head to toe black it looks streamlined. Sigh...woe is me. ;) Anyway, before I get started on the topic at hand for today let me mention something about the hispanic culture real quick. In the hispanic world, kids live at home until they're married. Well, I mean, they're not forced to by any means but they're perfectly welcome to. AND it's perfectly socially acceptable. That's just kind of how it goes. You're born, you grow up, go to school, go to college after you graduate, and if you happen to get married along the way then great, but if not no one is pressuring you to get the heck out of your parents house. Well, there's my little shpeel on some hispanic culture for ya. I just felt like I needed to explain that so it'd make sense why to me it's perfectly normal and acceptable to be 21 and still be living at home while for some it might not be. :) Plus, I like living at home. It's economical for my currently broke as all heck butt and I get to hang out with five of my favorite people everyday. Anyway, I mentioned last post that over the weekend my parents had gone off to Vegas to celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary. That meant that us wee little chillens (we're all 17 and over so I guess we don't really classify as chillens anymore, boo) had the house to ourselves.

To some that might have meant PARTAAAAAAAAY. Maybe that might have even meant PARTAY to the sly little evil person in the picture above. (Seriously, like what up with my totally bad a$* I killed your puppy and I thought it was funny expression in that photo?) To me and my home body group of siblings all that meant was a weekend in, baking cookies and playing Clue. We totally loved it, though. I mean, what's better than cookies and your favorite people on the planet? Nothing. We always have such a good time with each other too, mostly because we all happen to think that we're the most hilarious people around. ;)There where more than a few tears of sheer laughter shed. There's this little saying that goes, "when you surround yourself with people you love you will always have nothing short of rock hard abs...because you will never stop laughing." Anyway, now that we just shared a little hug a unicorn kumbaya moment of softness lets move onto the real topic of this post, the fact that I'm the lord of all games!!!!! Buahahaha! If any of you have watched How I Met Your Mother then you'll understand the name of this post. For those of you who haven't, Marshall, a character in the show, is creepily good at games...like unbeatable. The same phrase could be used to describe my gaming skills. ;) Uno, Clue, Slap Jack, Rock Paper Scissors, Bullshi*, you name it and I'm good at it. I wish I could say it's all pure skill but some if it just purely comes down to Lady Luck having a massive lesbian crush on me. For some reason whenever I'm playing a game the odds just always seem to be in my favor and everything just seems to magically work towards me winning. My siblings hate me for it, and if you ask them they'd swear I'm cheating. I'm honestly not, though, my secret is just being eerily good at reading people. Honestly, I think being good at reading people and Lady Luck's crush on me is all it chalks up to. Either way, as you can assume, I LOVE GAMES. Anytime I'm invited to a game night you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be there.

{H&M: oversize sweatshirt similarleggings, layered charm necklace similar; Go Jane: booties similar; Aldos: faux leather tote; Scarf: another lovely item inherited from my grandma}
Well, that was basically all I had for ya guys. I just have a few more comments on the outfit to make and we can call this post finished. First, see that lovely leather tote I'm holding? My little sister bought it for me last week. Isn't she the sweetest? I love her. I mean, I wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise, and the sweet little angel saw me eye balling it and offered to get it for me. She is perfection in a little sister. Also, a comment on the scarf, it actually doubles as a shawl and I'm completely in love with it. I love it mostly because it was an item of my grandma's and I like having little tokens that remind me of her and her sweet coquettish personality. Now, a comment on the photo above this one. I am very aware that I'm blinking in that photo, I just didn't really mind it for some reason. Maybe it looks weird? But I kind of liked it. Oh, and yes, I know that I wear these shoes practically everyday...but it just means that it was money well spent right? I think so. I hope you guys aren't tired of them because I plan on wearing them a whole lot more. Now, one last comment, I promise. So, once upon, a time a couple of years ago, I dyed my hair in the ombre style. It was my first and only time ever coloring my hair. I really loved it for a good little while but then everybody and their uncle started getting ombres so, being the snob that I am, I swiftly went into the salon and got mine chopped off. Or so I thought. Lately, though, as I've been editing photos for this blog I've noticed that it's still faintly there and I'm actually kind of digging it, especially since it's so faint it's barely noticeable. Take a closer look at the photos and you'll notice it too. Oh, and don't judge me and my hipsterish snobby ways of getting rid of things just because they're popular too harshly...I'm not an evil hipster villain, I swear! ;)

Much Love!


  1. I'm totally an evil hipster villain. I love colored skinnies but I'm waiting to wear mine till everyone else is over them. :P
    I love this simple outfit, even if the blacks don't match, and your note on hispanic culture--from my experience of marrying into a Mexican family, that is so true! My husband lived his his parents till we got married (he was 26!) and my husband's younger brother and his wife...who is going to have a baby in two months...are currently living with my husband's parents, and the parents love it! Actually, my father-in-law was recently talking to my husband on the phone and telling him that he wished we lived with them too.

    Honestly, though, what I was most excited about when it came to getting married was having my own house and being the mistress of my house--decorating it, setting it up, cooking and cleaning it....I don't think I'd ever want to go back to "kid" status again.

    1. Hahaha, huzza to evil hipster villains! Thanks Rachel! Yeah, when I get married I'm going to be pretty excited to have my own place too!! ;)