Thursday Was Weird

Ohhhhhh heavens, it's Monday and once again I find myself needing to apologize for my radio silence the last few days. I didn't die, I just found myself extremely busy being lazy with the good ol' fam bam. Laziness is good to me. ;) Ya know, sometimes you just need a couple of days hanging out with loved ones not really doing much of anything. Anyway, I'm back now, and hopefully won't be overtaken by strokes of laziness anymore, and boy do I have A LOT to share. Is any of this "a lot" important, you ask? Mmmm, I'd hazard a guess at no. Mainly, this "a lot" is just a bunch of weirdness that has been floating around in my mind. Starting with the fact that last Thursday was a really weird day. First weird thing about Thursday? It started out crazy cloudy/rainy, then by mid day it was 80 degrees and super sunny and then by the end of the day it was chilly and rainy again. Next weird thing about Thursday? The whole drive home from work I had this yucky unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was driving me crazy and was making me more than a little paranoid. The whole drive home I kept freaking out that I was going to get into a car accident. Then of course, as I was on this paranoid drive home the thought crossed my mind that if I DID get into some freak car accident then at least I'd die to a really awesome playlist. Needless to say I did not get into a car accident and I got home safe and sound. Maybe the unsettling feeling was just (I'm really tempted to say gas, but maybe that's too gross and too much of a guy thing to say so I'll just go with hunger instead) hunger? We'll never know...dun, dun, dun. That night I was invited to a game night at my best friends place. It's usually about a 15 minute drive to her house but for some reason it took me an unprecedented THIRTY minutes to get there that night. Maybe I was still a little paranoid from earlier so I was driving extra slow, or maybe I entered a time warp. Point is, I seriously have not one single clue as to why it took so long to get there. Anyway, since I had just finished bragging about my game skills that day in my post it was pretty clear what was going to happen. Lady Luck got pissed off and decided to rescind her lesbian crush on me. I lost every game. Well, almost every game. Come on guys, I still have some relative skill of my own, I don't rely on Lady Luck completely. I forgot the cardinal rule between Lady Luck and me, "thou shalt not brag about your gaming skills". Anyway, who knows if I'll ever win another game in my life again?! I'll have to play a couple of rounds of Clue with the siblings and find out. Anyway, the weirdness that was Thursday ended with some odd malfunctions with my garage door that made me think someone had broken into my house and murdered my family while I was gone....no one had broken in, and my family was still obviously very much alive. The trip up the stairs to my room, though, still required going at a full on sprint two at a time with constant checks over the shoulder. Pshh, I wasn't taking any chances. I mean, I didn't want any creepers snatchin' my foot to drag me down the stairs to my demise. Come on, admit it guys, every one has the secret "someone or something is behind me waiting to snatch me while I go up the stairs in the dark" fear. Nobody likes foot snatchin'.

{H&M: blazer, F21: floral skirt similar; Hollister: basic striped tee from a thousand years ago similar; Go Jane: booties similar}
Anyway, that was my weird Thursday for ya. I'll be sharing the rest of my lazy weekend thoughts in the days to come. Now, onto a few words about the outfit. First, this blazer is amazing. It is my new best friend. It's soft, silky on the inside, cozy, fits in that perfect fitted yet slouchy kind of way, and it goes with literally everything in my closet. I'm in love. I'm even considering becoming Mrs. Allexis Gonzalez Blazer. That's how close we are. I highly recommend buying yourself one. It's only $30 buckeroos at H&M and as we all know, black blazers are year round staple pieces. When I wore this outfit I was feeling like I wanted to play around with pattern mixing so I pulled out this striped tee from forever ago and my handy dandy floral skirt. I know, I know, I post about this skirt ALLLL the time but it's just that versatile. See fer yerselves...

If you don't already own a floral skirt, go get one. Seriously, you won't regret it. I mean, the $12 spent on this skirt of mine are the best $12 my sister ever spent. ;) My sisters are awesome, always buying me stuff, they're just incredible. How were your weekends? Miss me? ;)

Much love!


  1. Your skirt is very cute, and it's awesome to have family members who buy you clothes! Sometimes I'm scared of walking around in the dark in my own home but that fear is legitimate--my husband likes to jump out and scare me in the dark.

    1. Thanks Rachel!! Haha oh my, that is pretty freaky. You're living on edge! ;)