Anastasia Shoes

Morning dearies! I just wrapped up writing, what I think is, an insanely hilarious Halloween post for you all. Unfortunately, it isn't going to be today's post so you'll just have to wait on the edge of your seats until it is published. ;) Anyway, I feel like I used up all the creative/funny juices I had in me, so I'm kinda feelin' stuck again as to what to write. How about we just start off by discussing the outfit and then see where that takes us, good? Good. So, I wore this little outfit a couple of days ago when it was raining cats and dogs. The rain gave me the great opportunity of pulling out this awesome little trench coat that I picked up over the summer at h&m. Best part about this lovely little trench? I got it on clearance for $15 instead of it's usual $40. Score! Oh, and I finally got to wear these little booties for the first time too! I got 'em a year ago and never really wore them because my family said they where creepy and I took it to heart. Plus, whenever I DID try to wear them I kind of hated them myself because I was wearing them without tying the laces and I felt like the looseness gave me cankles. Now, a year later, I finally realized that to avoid the cankle look all I had to do was tie the laces, and BAM dainty little ankle and foot! Also, surprisingly, most of my family complimented these little suckers this time around, so maybe the fam bam just needed a good year to catch up to my odd choices in fashion. Back in the day when my family was raggin' on my awesome little shoes my sister nicknamed them my "pioneer" shoes. Now that they've officially had their rebirth, though, I'm dubbing them my Anastasia shoes! To me, they look like the little booties Anastasia wears when she's in her commoner clothes. Wouldn't life just be complete if Anastasia where on Netflix? I think so. Although, when I was looking the movie up I discovered that John Cusack makes Dimitri's voice and now Dimitri has kind of been ruined for me, and he was like the babe of all male cartoon babes.

Continuing on with outfit details, though, I'm so glad I was finally able to break out one of my knit hats. I may or may not have developed a knit hat obsession last winter and I bought about a thousand hats in all shapes and sizes. This one was always one of my faves, though, because it fits just so cozy and it instantly makes any day a good hair day. Now, that's a win in my book. These sheer tights, though, are kind of getting on my nerves. They get caught on things too easily, and thus, develop tiny little tears ALL the time. It's mega annoying, despite how much I love them. I think I might have to look into buying sheer tights from another store other than h&m. We'll see I guess. Also, I now realize that I should have taken a clearer up close shot of this scarf because you can't really see the cute pattern on it. Oh, well!

{Target: drop waist shift dress similar; h&m: trench coat similar, sheer tights, shoes similar, printed tube scarf; F21: knit hat similar, horse shoe necklace}
Normally, I love the rain, but lately I haven't really been loving it as much. I realized that the reason I'm not loving it as much is because I love SUMMER rain, not fall rain. You see, when it rains in the summer it's nice and warm and totally thrilling, but when it rains in the fall it's just cold, damp, and icky. Don't get me wrong, I love the fall. It's my favorite season, but I have a little known annoyance that causes me to hate fall rain. I hate being wet. I know, that sounds super creepy, but I just can't stand it for some reason. That's basically the same reason I'm not a big fan of snow either, because the world just becomes this disgusting pile of wet. I hate being wet so much that if anyone touches me with wet hands, or I get a tiny splash of liquid on me for whatever reason, I flip my chiz. I hate touching wet dishes because they in turn get ME wet. I hate getting near sinks because I feel like I'll somehow get water on me if I get too close. What about showers you ask? Nah, I'm fine with showers, in fact, I actually LOVE showers. Well...the shower itself anyway. When it comes to getting OUT of the shower, though, now that's a different story. I hate coming out of the shower into the dry world with my sopping wet body. I hate that my hair drips all over me and keeps me wet for hours after I've showered and I hate that I get all sticky which makes putting on any clothes that isn't underpants basically like wrestling a midget. It actually annoys me so much that I get to level 10 amounts of anger. You know what would be nice? If someone made pants made out of underwear material. That way you could come out of the shower and slip 'em on all easy like. Okay, Okay, maybe that idea is weird...but I think it could work! Finally, my butt is so sore from my workouts that it basically feels like it was put through the processor. I recently read this freaky story about this condition called rhabdomyolysis, which is basically the complete and total destruction of your muscles. Now, it takes extreme conditions for your muscles to reach that point but now I'm always freaked out that my soreness might not be just soreness. So, I'm sitting here on my achey tush irrationally wondering if I have rhabdomyolysis and wondering if when I wake up tomorrow I'll have a mushy gigantic swollen butt for the rest of my life. And on that lovely note...

Much Love!


  1. You look lovely! I love your blue trench coat and your little shoes are cool. I'd definitely wear them! And I hate showers because of the whole being cold and wet factor, too!

    1. Thanks Rachel!! I know, right? Coming out of the shower just sucks!