Outfit Pinspiration

This morning I was having "I don't know what to wearrrrrrr!!!" jitters, but then I decided to look on Pinterest and problem solved! I saw the pin from the picture above and instantly knew I had to try out the look for myself! You can find the pin here! Plaid+Denim+Leather=Perfection. :) Bleh, now I have no clue what to talk about, though. I guess it's just one of those writers block/fashion block kinds of days. I tried turning to my usual place for post inspiration, How I Met Your Mother, and when after...oh, I don't know...an hour and a half of watching episodes yielded no ideas I decided to turn to good ol' BuzzFeed. Still nothin'. Then, I finally decided to go to the source of my outfit inspiration today, Pinterest! Whammo! Writers block cured because I found this little cheeseball of a gem! It's a monsterously corny and cheesy list, but hey, I like corn. I like cheese. Instead of doing each of the cheesy little ideas as posts, though, I'll just answer the list as a series of questions. :) What da ya think? Eh? Eh? I'm a genius, I know, hold the applause. ;)

  1. Write a letter to your teen self…Answer: Pffft, pffft, a dunzo! Read it here.
  2. Time your kid (s) embarrassed you in public…Answer: don't have any kids so...
  3. If kids were in charge for one day in your house…Answer: read answer to number three. BUT when I do have kids I'd like to think they'd spend the night in, eating cookies and talking about how cool their mom is. ;)
  4. Date night gone bad…Answer: I can't really say I've ever had a truly horrific date but maybe the worst one was a night I spent sippin' bland hot chocolate at an overly "hipster" cafe with a guy who spent nigh on two hours talking about himself.
  5. Things you always wanted to change about yourself…Answer: I've always wanted to be 5'7. Verging on glamazon tall, BUT not quite tall enough to not be able to wear heels. Buh bye legs for seconds, hello legs for days!
  6. Happiness is…Answer: cookies. And books. And movies, or just TV in general. And family. And friends.
  7. Create a beginner’s guide to something…Answer: A Beginner's Guide To Watching TV this Season: Watch the series finale of How I Met Your mother on Mondays, The Mindy Project on Tuesdays, Criminal Minds and The X Factor on Wednesdays, The X Factor/Parenthood/The Vampire Diaries on Thursdays, Legend of Korra on Saturdays (I know, I know, I'm a nerd...but cartoons are awesome, guys!), and The Mentalist on Sundays. A BOOM! Just created an awesome guide to watching endless amounts of television and putting off real work!
  8. What would you do with a $1000…Answer: If I didn't have to pay tuition? I'd go on a shopping spree, obviously.
  9. Write about where you would like your blog to be in 2 years…Answer: In a happy, happy place where it can dance the conga and entertain readers. (I know, that answer made little to no sense. It's late and I'm getting sleepy...sorry)
  10. Make a post about your day (your daily life morning – bedtime)…Answer: I woke up. I ran. I hit the gym. I ate my sister's left over Jamba Juice shake for breakfast. Walked my pup, and then got dressed in this little number. Went out for lunch with the younger sibs. Walked my dog again, and now here we are at me writing this post. Thrilling, right? I think so. ;)

{Wilson's Leather: moto jacket similar; h&m: wide leg pants, and beanie; Tanger Outlets: chambray top; F21: key necklace; GoJane: booties similar}
  1. Describe your favorite dessert (or food) in great detail…Answer: cookies. cookies. cake. cake. pie. pie. bread pudding. bread pudding. rice pudding. rice pudding. Sensing a pattern here? I like dessert, I'm not too picky. In fact, I like dessert so much that I had to say the categories I like best, twice like the little dessert loving weirdo that I am.
  2. Share your favorite trends…Answer: leather pants like these, graphic tees like this Star Wars one that might actually buy, and maxi cardigans like this one...I want one soooo bad. I can't find an inexpensive one like it anywhere though! Boo!
  3. Describe your dream kitchen (link to inspiration pictures)…Answer: I plead the 5th. This question is boring,
  4. Share your OCD moments…Answer: I don't like letting people sit, lay, or even touch my bed. I just can't stand the crinkles they always make...uuuuurgh. It has to remain perfectly smooth at all times unless I'm sleeping in it. I'm also creepy good at being able to tell when someones even laid a pinky on it. It's weird.
  5. Talk about your dream job…Answer: being a published author, the person who reads books on audio, OR the person that picks out the music that's played on TV shows. It'd be so fun to just listen to music all day and decide what song fits what scene the best. Not to mention that I'd have the power of making new bands popular by playing their music on my show.  So cool. Being a published author? It's pretty much been my dream job since I learned to read. Oh, and reading books on audio? I like reading a loud, and making silly voices for all the characters. Plus, I hear the pay is pretty nice. ;)
  6. Your greatest accomplishment is... Answer: You know how people always have a party trick? Ya know, their little "look what I can do" thing that they brag about when conversation gets slow. Mine is the fact that I scored in the top ten percent in the state on the reading/English portion of all the exams I took from the 8th grade up until graduation. I know, I know, how pedantic of me. BUT, I'm a nerd at heart and when everyone else is going, "Look I can roll my tongue. Now watch me roll my tongue into the shape of a butterfly", my brain just thinks to itself, "I can't roll my tongue...I can't roll my tongue!! Quick, what should I do or say that's cool???" and then instead of actually saying or doing anything that's cool I just end up saying something totally lame that makes me sound like a jerk.
  7. If you could do anything today it would be…grow four inches in my sleep!
  8. When no one is looking I (share something about you that is secret, funny, embarrassing even if you dare, or just ordinary)…Answer: I scratch my head. It just somehow seems un-ladylike to me to scratch my head when everyone's lookin'.
  9. Weird/funny things you have seen at the gym…Answer:I mostly just see snobby girls, and guys that are checking themselves out so I can't say that I've ever really seen anything funny. Although, I did hear a story once about a guy who farted while doing glute kicks! That's kinda funny!
  10. Your dream vacation…Answer: A trip to England to sight see at all the spots where the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice was filmed.
 Much Love!


  1. Now that's a labor intensive blog post. If you aren't inspired, why not blog about everything?? I see the logic here. :) I've never wanted to be tall...though my sister is 5'7" and she's quite gorgeous. But it would be weird to be taller than my husband (And she's taller than he is). The 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice is my favorite version.

    1. Haha exactly. ;) Ah, I thought I'd made peace with my height, but lately I've just been bitten by the "I want to be tall" bug again!