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'Ello, ello everyone! My AUNT IS HERE!!!! I'm so excited! It's been so beyond great having her here. I will post many, many details about her stay and all that jazz in the next couple of days. Let's get straight to business here, though, and lets get to chatting about this outfit. First, this skirt is WAY too short. I realized it about halfway to the DMV to get the plates for the dealership I work at. Of course, by then it was much too late to really do anything about it. After finishing up at the DMV, at which point I'm pretty sure I had aged and died a couple of lifetimes, my lil' sis took these photos for me. I hate how my hair and face looks in about half of them but the lighting and colors looked way too cool to not use the photos for an outfit post. I was "trying" to go for a sporty/girly look, ya know, kinda like a modern day stylish Sporty Spice. I actually ended up hating the entire look and couldn't wait to get home to rip it off, but despite my hating it, it turns out that the outfit actually photographed quite well. Go figure. You guys will have to give me your thoughts on the matter.

{F21: skirt similar; Hollister: sweatshirt similar; h&m: sneakers}
Now, before I get to the topic on hand for today, let me just gripe and complain about on last thing. THERE IS VISIBLE BOOB CRACK in one of those photos up there!! Boob crack never happens to me. I mean, NEVER. I just simply do not have enough boobage for boob crack to exist, so the fact that boob crack happened is just insane. I blame it on two things. First, that they where being crushed together into oblivion by my arms. Second, the fact that I was wearing this dingy, ratchety, supportless, strapless bra that I have, no joke, owned since I was twelve. I honestly don't know why I still keep the stupid thing. Maybe it's just because it's so dang comfy, but I'm now realizing that it's basically useless. It's my garbage bra. Do any of you guys (I mean ladies. This is one of those instances where it becomes odd and confusing to call a group of women guys.) do that? Do you keep a hold of ancient dingy garbage bras just for old times sake? I think I've finally accepted the fact that this garbage bra of mine has to go. While it does a nice job of still fitting my boobage and making me feel all excited about the fact that maybe I haven't gained any body fat since the age of twelve since it still fits. Ha, I know, I know, as if. ;) I've realized that it's been worn to it's utter capacity and is now so loose round my back that it falls down repeatedly throughout the day in attempts to find itself a new purpose as a belt rather than a bra. I'm sorry garbage bra, but you cannot find new purpose in life by trying to become a belt. It just won't work, and I'm sorry but you will have to find yourself a new home...in, well, the garbage. Sigh...

Anyways! Halloween is next Thursday! Now, I've never been much of a Halloween gal. I think it has to do with my being foreign and all, because it's just one of those things that was considered kind of odd with my family. My mom never bought us a single Halloween costume, so if we ever felt so inclined to dress up we had to get creative. She didn't not buy us costumes to be mean or anything, she just didn't get the point in the whole thing. She'd always just say, "why don't I just buy you guys a big old bag of candy and be done with it? Why do you have to dress up and go ask the neighbors for it?" So, growing up like that, Halloween was never one of those big deal holidays and was never anything that I got super in to. Anyway, last year was the first time in my career as a legal adult that I decided to actually dress up. My sister's and I dressed up as character's from Alice in Wonderland. We went out to parties with friends, and Halloween turned out to be actually kind of fun. Who knew? ;) Anyway, this year I actually decided to get the jump on the whole thing, and I bought myself a killer gypsy costume. Of course the one year I finally decide to get excited about the whole stupid holiday is the one year I have heard absolutely NOTHING about any Halloween parties to go to. Sad, sad. Poor lonely me. Maybe I'll just go put on my garbage bra and tell it my woes. ;)

Much love!


  1. love that you paired the skirt with those shoes so so cute
    xo Jessica
    stop by if ya get a chance