Sequins and Grinches

Hello darlin's! There's so much to say today, it's nuts! Let's begin with the fact that I was at an Anberlin concert for the majority of last night so to say that I'm exhausted right now at 12:30 AM would be a massive understatement. Massive. I think I'm still a little high on concert adrenaline so that should tide us over for the next few minutes that it'll take for me to finish up this post. Let's begin with a few words on the outfit today. First, I'm wearing faux leather leggings, but it's difficult to see. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with them. I love them because I've been obsessing over faux leather this season but I hate them because they're a little bit baggy on the tush and I have to yank them up every two seconds. That's not mentioning the fact that they crinkle more than a Ruffle's chip at the knees and it drives me bonkers!

Next item on our list of things to discuss is the fact that I resemble a bobble head, oh, about, 80% of the time. My head is so ridiculously massive for the size of my body that I end up looking like a real life bobble head. It's sad but true. Oh well, the bigger the head the bigger the brain, right? Right? Let's just pretend that's an actual saying, ok? It'll cheer my bobble headed self up.

{h&m: sequined sweater similar, leggings, knit hat; GoJane: pistol booties}

And now, for the last bit of news! I'm guest posting over at Dearest Lou today and I am over the moon excited! Be sure to stop by and check it out! For the newbies that might be stopping by today, let me direct you all to this series of posts. I promise you will have a good hardy har laugh and you'll get to know the odd little person behind Life of a Coy Fish a little better to boot! Without further ado, let me direct you all to the Halloween post I promised you all over the weekend! Voila!

A Halloween Survival Guide (For the Halloween Grinches)

For the Grinches...(because you're secretly a Halloween Grinch, and that's OK.)

  1. The first step to surviving Halloween if you're secretly a Halloween Grinch is realizing you are one. How do you realize this you ask? When people quote that Mean Girl's line that goes, "In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut, and no other girls can say anything about it", you're standing off on the side lines looking at everybody's sexy butterfly, sexy cat, sexy oompa loompa, costumes thinking, "that ain't true. *Cough* Hoe bag.*Cough*".
  2. When 90% of the country is off shouting "shots, shots, shots" you're shouting, "Fun size candy for a dollar, fun size candy for a dollar!" Take heart because this is perfectly acceptable because, um, candy is GOOOD.
  3. Everyone has a Halloween Party and everyone will be upset if you don't come to theirs, except this won't be a problem for you because as a Halloween Grinch you'd rather sit at home saying..
  4. If you're a single Grinch then when you see the Cindy Lou Whos of Halloween and their significant others aptly dressed up in those annoyingly adorable couples costumes you go...
  5. But then you get over it because you're single and IF you do decide to hit up a party you get to be "mackin' on all dat" and be like...
  6. When you inevitably get fed up with guessing what someone's super clever sexy Halloween costume is, just give up and eat the fun size candy bar you hid in the pocket of your ironically obvious giant pineapple costume.
  7. When all the Halloween Cindy Lous are out there pretending to actually like candy corn, just chuckle inside because you know better, "Candy corn actually just tastes like sugar poops". 
  8. When all of your non-Halloween Grinch friends get all hyped up about Haunted Houses and try to get you to go, just show them your student loan bills and they won't need to pay anyone to traumatize them or you because they'll realize that being scared is basically your full-time job.
  9. When kids show up to your place to Trick-Or-Treat you're just like...
  10. And finally, the last step in surviving Halloween as a Grinch is to kick back, relax, and watch Hocus Pocus while the rest of the world is trying to wash off their costume make-up...
Much Love!


  1. This entire post cracked me up. This outfit is perfect, you are beautiful, the ruffle chip knees and saggy bottom pants look incredible on you, so shush!


    1. Oh my gosh, thank you ginormously Robin!! That totally made me feel tons better about the saggy butt, ruffle chip knee, leggings! :)