Wall Art

'Ello, 'ello! How where all of your weekends? Lovely I hope! I'm super excited about this post today! Why you ask? Two words: that background. Mmmm, mmm, I'm in love with this background! Isn't it just the cooliest? I think so. My lovely sister came across it once upon a time when she was running some errands and she told me about it because she thought it'd be the perfect place for photos! Boy, was she right! Coolest. Wall. Ever. In other news, I ordered these little booties from GoJane a lil' while ago and they just arrived over the weekend! I'm in love. They're comfy, cute, and dashing! I thought they'd go perfectly with a pair of leggings and simple white button up. Which, speaking of button ups, I got the one I'm wearing for my favorite price, free! I'd been lusting over a simple clean white button up for eons and eons but I was just always too out of money to ever be able to buy one. On Sunday I mentioned my little dilemma to my mum and she told me that she had JUST finished ironing one that my little brother had outgrown. Obviously I was thrilled and tried it on immediately. It was a little bit baggy and a tad bit boy shaped, but I loved it! Sigh, hand me ups from little brothers rock! Oh, and on a quick side note, my awesome big sister bought me this totally cool ear cuff the other day! I think I'm developing a bit of an obsession. I own three bad boy ear cuffs now! (All bought for me by my dear older sissy.)
I think I'm also developing a bit of an obsession for trenches as well. I got this lovely little number at Gap over the summer for 20 bucks, score!! Also, my sisters told me that I looked like some Castiel person off of Supernatural. Go figure. I guess button ups, trench coats, and booties are the signature look of male angels on science fiction TV shows. I've been thinking a lot lately about my obsession with grammar. All throughout  my grade schooling years, and now in college, English/Grammar was and is my favorite subject and the one I excelled the most at. When it came to writing I was always a stickler about following every. single. grammar. rule. And, now? I make one worded sentences and start sentences with the word AND. Shiver. The me from the days before I started this blog would probably cringe and keel over dead if she saw all the grammatical mistakes I'm purposely committing.

{h&m: button up top, leggings, ear cuff similar, hat; GoJane: pistol booties; F21: horse shoe necklace}
What changed? Well, nothin' really. I mean, I still have all of those pesky little writing/grammar rules engrained in my noggin' like the lyrics of the latest annoyingly catchy Taylor Swift song. I just decided to lay them aside and write as I please, because, well, having one worded sentences, run on sentences, and starting sentences with words like so, and, or but, just sound way more casual and real life. Plus, I figure, what the hay? I ain't writin' no college payper to get more learnin'. I'm writin' to sound funny, weird, and real life (as if anybody says "to get more learnin" in real life ;). So, if any of y'all find my intended spelling and grammar mistakes to be vomitrocious, well, I'm sorry, but this top ten percent in the state English student finally decided to let her hair down...AND it may never go back up again. Gasp! Just kidding. As long as there are 30 page papers to be written (I have actually had to write this long of a paper for a class), and book drafts to be ferociously typed up, my inner overachieving English nerd will be at my beck and call. BUT, for now, and for the purposes of this blog, I will continue to over use ellipsis', start sentences with but, and, or so, have ridiculous run on sentences, and make. individual. words. their. own. sentences. for. emphasis. ;) The only foreseeable downfall to all of this, though, is that my future progeny might read these posts one day and think that their grandma was an illiterate, grammatical, idiot...

Much Love!


  1. OMG this is awesome! love the background and cute outfit!
    <3 Lindsey | lindseymermaid.com

    1. Thanks Lindsey! I definitely lucked out with this awesome back drop! :)