I'm a Sleep Texter

This post was originally going to be about the fact that I'm a sleep texter. Yes. I text while sleeping. And it's daaaaangerous. Well, dangerous to my pride. Anyway, this post is still going to be a little bit about that, but I've been reading Pride & Prejudice for the umpteenth time, so I've got other topics such as romance and why I think we should all just go back to the ways of English society in the early 1800's on the mind. Nothing like a good P&P discussion am I right? First things first, though, let's talk about this sleep texting issue of mine. When I go to sleep for the night I set my phone down next to me on my night stand. A pretty normal and safe sounding place to put a phone right? Wrong. For me it's probably the worst place possible to put my phone. Why? Because more than likely, at some point in the night, my treacherous greedy little bony fingers will find there way to my phone and begin to type out a bunch of ludicrous gibberish. This has actually happened to me on a couple of occasions. Mostly when I've been answering texts before bed. Luckily I always seem to wake up before I ever send anything and can proceed to hide my phone under a stack of books (which is probably where it should've been placed to begin with). I think I've come to the conclusion that at some point my luck will run out, though, and I will click send on one of my weird sleep texts. For the most part these weird sleep texts consist of sentences that don't make any sense even to me. Things like, "my hair smells like baby", or "I think I broke my butt bone". I know, I know, crazy. What am I even dreaming about right? The funny thing is that when I'm sleep texting I'm actually dreaming that I'm having a perfectly rational  text conversation with someone so I don't know why the phrases that I'm actually typing out turn out to be so weird. Maybe I'm even just half a wake. Who knows! Let's move on now, though. That actually turned out to be a whole lot more embarrassing to admit than I thought it would be.
You know what's been really striking me about reading Pride & Prejudice this time around? The beauty of a cell phone free world! For them, falling in love actually involved physically seeing each other and having genuine conversations. None of this no face to face texting nonsense. OH, and dancing was actually a thing that everybody did. Love it! Meeting someone's parents wasn't this huge ta da thing, either, because technically you had to meet a girl's dad before you could even meet her. Not that I'd necessarily like that particular idea, but who says meeting someone's family has to be this huge deal? But maybe I'm just idealizing it. I mean, that time period definitely had it's downfalls, (like having to go through Mother Nature's monthly visit sans tampons, pads, Excedrin, or even Cocoa Pebbles with almond milk!) but for a Mr. Darcy or a Mr. Bingley? I think I'd definitely consider giving up my glorious shower commodities for one of those fine, fine gentlemen. ;) I mean, they're tall, have beautiful British accents, are romantics to the core, and have the manners of a king. Sigh, I love the Brits. Even though they'd probably turn their wee little noses up at me. I guess if you really think about it, though, the Elizabeth Bennet's of those days still had to put up with the same man related issues as we do now. I mean, in all honesty, Mr. Darcy was kind of a butt head, of the first degree too, and Mr. Bingley was too easily persuaded into breaking a girl's heart just because his friends suggested she wasn't that into him. Oh bother! In the end, though, I think the moral of the whole story is to marry prudently, choose someone who you respect, and marry because of no other motive than love. Kind of sweet, right? Plus the whole Elizabeth/Darcy romance is just swoon worthy! Indifference to hate to attraction to hate again to embarrassment to respect to friendship to love. The ultimate tale of star crossed lovers! I wish I could bore you all with my favorite Pride and Prejudice quotes but I think that would be taking my Pride and Prejudice obsession a little too far. ;)
 {h&m: blazer, sheer tights, over the knee socks; F21: dress similar; GoJane: booties similar; Aldo's: purse borrowed from my sister similar, studded sunnies}
Now, for a quick word on le outfit! First, this is another one of those outfits that I'd been contemplating wearing for months but never got around to actually wearing. I loved how it ended up looking! I felt like a fancy schmancy little business woman that belonged on the streets of NYC. I've actually owned this dress since I was fifteen but I never actually wore it a whole lot. Mostly because I could never seem to find the right sweater to pair it with. Now that I recently bought this awesome little blazer I decided I finally had the right cover up to pair it with. Huzzah! I thought to complete the look I'd add in my favorite fall trend right now, over the knee socks layered over sheer tights! Fun little fact, though, these "over the knee" socks are more like "over my entire leg" socks. I have to fold them a couple of times over and shove any left over sock into the toe of my shoes for them to hit me at just over the knee. I guess I need "petite" socks. That's really kind of sad. I think I'm getting better at faking height, though! Is it just me or do I look like I could be 5'8 in these pictures? I think so, and I'm pretty proud! ;) The only bummer at faking height is that you have to sacrifice length on a dress to do it! I think it's time to be happy with my height, yah yah? 5'3 classifies as cute right? Right-o.

Much love!


  1. haha, I think if I had a choice, I'd prefer to be slightly shorter than my 5'5"--but that's just so that I could be shorter than my husband. Oh well! :P
    I think it would be hilarious if you sent one of those sleep texts. More hilarious for me than for you, perhaps.

    1. Haha it would actually be pretty funny, in an embarrassing sort of way, though. :)


  2. I think 5'3' is the perfect height (maybe because that's the height that I am too..)

    Anyway, I would LOVE to live in a cell phone free world (well, at least for a little while), things are so different now and love really does apparently happen via text..crazy

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  3. Polka and yellow make this outfit so chic!

    have a great day!

  4. I love this outfit, and I have to admit, I have been jealous of you shorties a time or two. You can wear heels with no fear!

    Sue//Chevron and Lace

  5. Super cute look. I think I might actually try it out :)

    Maggie A