Like a Lady

You know, one thing I've never for the life of me been able to figure out how to do? Get out of a vehicle when I'm wearing a dress and still look like a lady. I mean, I completely understand now how all of those celebs are always flashing their hoo-ha's to the world. Getting out of a car in a dress is a tricky business. It's a science/art I have yet to cultivate. At least I'm not ridin' around sans underwear like those hoo-ha flashing celebrities, though, right? For the most part, I like to wear little shorties under my dresses, whenever possible, for that express reason. Anyway, for me getting out of a car when I'm in a dress tends to go like this, "Ok, how do I do this? *Grumble, Grumble* Maybe if I...no, that won't work. *Grumble, Grumble* Ok, what if I...no, I'll just break my face if I try that... *Grumble, Grumble* I guess I could...nope, nope, that won't do at all. *Grumble, Grumble* OK. SHUCK IT. I'M GETTIN' OUT OF THIS CAR LIKE A DUDE. WHO CARES!" And that's how I get out of a car when I'm wearing a dress. If there's some sort of trick to getting out of vehicles while wearing dresses, please feel free to inform me, because I have yet to figure it out.
In other riveting news, on Tuesday I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed. Yikes! I was feeling pretty fine about it until my sister had her's removed on Wednesday and now that I've seen her little chipmunk swollen cheeks I'm getting a little nervous. Normally, I can handle pain like a 300lb man on steroids. I'm the tough one in the family. Get my eardrum broken on accident by my sister? Just said ow, slapped her hand away, and calmly informed my parents that my ear hurt. Only for my dad to inform me that my ear was bleeding like the Red Sea. Have my appendix explode on me? No problem. I just squirmed around for a couple of minutes and then tried to pretend I was fine, that is until I could barely even walk and my sister insisted on taking me to the doctor. Fall down a canyon and tear open my entire knee? Still ran the last 3 miles down the canyon to my car and tried to, again, insist that I was fine until my knee got infected and grew to the size of my head and, again, I could barely walk. See a theme here? I don't usually like to complain about my pain until it's paralyzing or I'm left partially deaf for the rest of my life. Not exactly a good method I've got going on here, but I like to act like I'm tougher than spit and dirt. The one type of pain I've never been able to handle all that well, though, is mouth pain. As a kid, I was a dentist's worst nightmare. I squirmed like a saber toothed baby moose lion, and if I didn't particularly like what the dentist was doing I'd just rip his hand straight out of my mouth. Simple as that. I was always the kid who had to get copious amounts of laughing gas in order to get anything done. Anyway, my point here is that I'm starting to get a little freaked for this whole wisdom teeth removal thing. I don't take mouth pain very well and this is going to involve worlds of hurt. Oh well, maybe my tougher than a toe nail powers will kick in again and I'll be fine. Fingers crossed, guys. Fingers crossed.
{h&m: lace dress similar; F21: plaid top similar, gray cardi similar; Target: boot socks; Rue21: boots similar; AE: turquoise necklace similar}

Anyway, quick word on le outfit. I wore this outfit yesterday, and I have to admit it took me at least three different tries to finally decide on this look. I was just having one of those "I have NO clue what to wear" days. Everything in my closet just seemed inadequate and nothing seemed to look good. I finally happened to remember this dress and then it's like the heavens opened up and struck me with the perfect outfit combo. Nothing like layering in the fall right? Don't know what to wear? Just pile on layer after layer, and bam, you just might happen upon a rock star outfit. :) Also, these boots and socks are quickly becoming a couple of my favorite items in my closet this season. They match with everything, and just instantly make me feel good about what I'm wearing.

Much Love!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! It's like everybody will be watching when I'll be getting out of the car and I don't want everyone to see how clumsy I try to get out of the car without showing my underwear and argh, I just hate it :p
    I hope you won't feel that much pain when removing your wisdom teeth. Some people tend to feel it more than others, so maybe you won't feel anything :D
    And the combination is just perfect! I love the fact that the sleeves pop up underneath the cardigan :D

    xo Noor

    1. Haha amen! Oh man, I hope so too; thanks for the well wishes Noor!! :)