Midi-Midi, Bang-Bang

Guyyyyssssss, I got dry sockets. I feel like screaming like a banshee. It sucks major, major, shuck face. Anyway, seeing as how my face is still swollen and now on top of that I have to deal with gross amounts of  dry socket pain, I'm going to stay away from outfit posts for a couple of days. I do have other fun posts for you all, though! Well, at least for today anyways. While I was stuck in a room at the research center for 13 hours, post surgery, on Tuesday I had plenty of time to contemplate the fact that I really, really, want a midi skirt. Nay, I really, really, need a midi skirt. That's pretty much how I spent almost the entirety of my 13 hours of observation, looking up midi skirts. ;) Anyway, I've compiled my list of midi skirt finds for you all and divided it into my splurge group and save group.


That sequined skirt? SO many ways to either dress it up or dress it down, not to mention the fact that it'd make THE perfect holiday party piece. Need I say more? I love how skirt number two is so versatile! You could dress it up all retro while playing around with pattern mixing by pairing it with this polka-dot button up, OR dress it down with an edgy vibe by pairing it with a fun graphic tee like this one and a pair of color popping booties like these. Oh, and skirt number three? That color is just so rich/bold and one of those colors that could work year round. I could completely see it being paired with a leather moto jacket like this one and pointed toe pumps with a pop of gold like these ones from h&m.


What I love about these items on my save list is that they're just as cute and just as versatile as the splurge items. I mean, skirt number one? That red is gorgeous! I would totally play around with some metal mixing with it and pair it with this gold glittered belt, this silver sparkled baseball tee, these pop of gold pumps, and this chunky gold necklace! Also, I love the store that the skirt is from! I happened across the skirt on Pinterest, which led me to its website and I fell in love! It comes from an online store called "West Fourth Street". I love how all of the items they sell are both modest and reasonably priced! Plus, bonus, they're from Utah! Yay, local shops! They unfortunately don't have a whole lot of items up right now, but the items they do have up are to die for and that red skirt definitely needs to find its way into my closet! If you guys have a minute definitely click on the link for skirt number one and check out "West Fourth Street"!

Much love!

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  1. Didn't the dentist tell you you're not supposed to get dry sockets?? I'm so sorry!! That must really suck!! Very cute skirts, though!