One More Week

Remember how last week I was moaning about snow starting to fall and Autumn being over? Well, the Universe heard my cries, because we got one last week of Fall over here in Utah! This past week we've been in the 60's, (oh glory, Hallelu, how delicious!) had clear skies, and plenty of fiery red leaves to crunch on underfoot! Thank you Universe. Thank you. Maybe now I should moan about how I would like an extra 5 thou for tuition. Maybe the Universe will hear me and help me out again? Eh, eh? ;)
Do you guys ever have those days when you just feel like you desperately need a cookie? Like, if you don't get a cookie STAT you just might lose your sanity? I'm having one of those 'give me a cookie now before I turn into a Saber Tooth Moose Lion' days. I'm even crying in that picture up top, see? That's how badly I want a cookie. Just kidding, I'm not actually crying, but this cookie monster needs a dosage of cookie goodness. If any of you feel like coming over and baking me some cookies I wouldn't say no. ;)
 {Target: peplum top similar; F21: cardigan similar; Flying Monkey: flare jeans similar; AE: turquoise necklace similar; h&m: wide brimmed hat}

I don't know what's got me feeling all pooey today. Maybe it's just a pooey kind of week. I'll just bake myself some cookies and get over it. I'm thinking I'll try out this recipe that the adorable Hunter posted on her blog. They look like perfection, and probably taste like heaven in your mouth. Plus, I've got a possible trip to Florida for Thanksgiving with the fam bam to look forward to. If I get too lazy to bake my cookies, though, at least I'll have the thought of going to The World of Harry Potter to keep my spirits up. I know, I know, what 21 year old gets pee your pants excited about going to Harry Potter World? This 21 year old. I think we've already established I'm level 10 nerdy, but I'm ok with that. I mean, Harry Potter was my childhood yo. Whats more "dream come true" than visiting the real life version of the books you spent summer after summer tearing through? Nothin' I tell ya. :) In other news, I think all things considered, I've been taking the news that I'm 5'2 pretty well. ;) I mean, so long as super long and flared jeans, like the ones I'm wearing above, and 6 inch heels exist I'll be ok. I mean, do I look anything short (short, haha. No pun intended) of 5'9 in those pictures? Be good little readers and just assuage my feelings and concur that I look 5'9, ok? :) 

Much love!

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  1. Yay peplum! I love how you pieced your outfit! So cute.

    Sue//Chevron and Lace